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thib 18.02.2019 20:41

Work permit still not received after >3 months
I have a somehow complicated situation here,
I'm from EU and started working for my master thesis in Zurich in last May.
Due to some issues (my landlord wouldn't attest that I rented the place), my first request for a work permit was accepted but as my name wasn't on the mailbox they had to destroy it. I then had to go to the Kreisburo a few times before fixing my registration properly.
I finally found a place with a proper rent contract in last October and made a work permit request (L) again with all my documents. I was indicated that it was already accepted from the first one and that they would simply send it by mail.
In the mean time, my initial contract for which I asked the L permit ended and I got a new work contract with the ETH.
The ETH got me the health insurance and AVS card, I received my taxes and worked for other companies with very short term contract without hearing any issues.

However I still haven't received anything from the Kreisburo. At first I thought it was the normal administrative delays, but it's been more than 3 months now and I'm getting very worried that it's been refused and I haven't been notified or something like that..
Is that delay something usual? Or should I make a new request with my new contract even after more than 3 months after the official starting date (though I received my contract only 2 months ago)?

Medea Fleecestealer 19.02.2019 07:34

Re: Work permit still not received after >3 months
It's probably getting a bit lost in the system with all your employment/property changes. Contact them and find out what's going on. They can't refuse you a permit if you meet the requirements. And some cantons are just very slow in issuing them.

klausenhauser 19.02.2019 09:16

Re: Work permit still not received after >3 months
I got mine after 6 months.

I applied for one, in the mean time, like you got another job. At the end of the day I got a permis based on the second position.

You are fine when things are under process.

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