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attila 30.05.2019 13:42

Moving to another canton as a Non-EU with EU family
Hello all,

I could not find any similar thread please let me know if there is any,

I am a non-eu working and an indefinite contract, I hold aufenthaltstitel /residence permit dependent on my wife's permit B/5 years (French citizen), my wife is not working she is dependent on me financially.

We would like to move to another canton (Jura) from Schwyz.

1-Can we do it?
2- Can I do it by myself without my wife here? I mean the registeration and other processes in gemeinde or other auhorities in new municipality?
3- Does this mean that we are going to apply for new permit again in new canton? if yes is there any chance if they dont give the permit or they will give something less than 5 years or permit L for eg?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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