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klaxhu 11.11.2019 10:50

Moving to Zurich - company transfer
Hello all,

Been reading some threads since I joined but I am not sure I've found my particular situation covered just yet.

Both me and my partner are UK & RO citizens (we're not married but have a 6 year old). We both work for US companies.

My company is moving me to Zurich next year in July, the process starting somewhere around April/May. In theory they should cover everything needed in terms of paperwork, transfers, even relocation cost, but I am happy to receive any suggestion for what I should look out for.So I will be on a swiss payroll and living in Zurich from mid next year.

My wife works for a company that has offices in UK, Germany but not Switzerland - yet!. She has an Europe wide role and travels but she is on UK payroll, but she could easily have her office from home.

Now to the questions:

1/ Is there any legal framework she could use to pay health insurance so she legally will live and benefit from local services (or whatever the minimal contribution are in order to live with in Zurich)?
[my private health insurance can cover her if not]

2/ And if yes, what is the legal time-frame she could work for the UK company out of Zurich and keep paying taxes in UK only.

3/ Our daughter is 6 - anything I need to look out for when looking into schools relating back to my personal situation described above?

greenmount 11.11.2019 17:33

Re: Moving to Zurich - company transfer
Hi there and welcome to the forum.
Your wife and daughter will also need individual health insurance provided they will get a residence permit under family reunion provision. How long are you planning to stay? Is there a temporary contract or a permanent one? If temporary, you will get a permit L, if permanent - most probably a B. (ask your company about that and also ask them to get you a B permit because companies don't care about these things and immigration gods are not always fair) Regardless of your residence/work permit type, each of you must have private health insurances if you're going to live here, and you will have to pay for the whole family. It doesn't matter if your wife and daughter will be insured somewhere else too.
As far as your wife's work situation is concerned, I guess she'll have to declare her income, better consult a certified accountant. Other people do it too, not a problem.
Good luck!

klaxhu 14.11.2019 10:29

Re: Moving to Zurich - company transfer

In talks with some people who went through a similar transfer so I will post back here my findings.

Anyone know if it is possible to live in Germany on the border but be employed in Zurich and pay tax there? That would solve my wife's contract situation easily, as I could commute when needed.

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