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kagifret 12.03.2020 16:01

non-EU to extend resident permit
Hi everyone,
Thanks in advance for taking the time to read the following.

I finished my Ph.D. at Uni Zurich in October 2019 and immediately worked as a postdoc until end of January 2020.
My initial resident permit B expired end of January 2020.
So they gave me a new L permit until end of April 2020 to find jobs.

I am currently extremely actively applying for jobs (it takes way longer than I expected from applying, getting reviews, going for interviews and deciding).
I am losing hope of finding a job before the end of April/end of my resident permit.

Do you think there is a way to ask for a short extension of my L permit (1 to 3 months)?

Knowing that:
- Officially I am still registered as a student at UZH until 31 July 2020
- I have more than 15K in my bank account

Thanks a lot :)

Medea Fleecestealer 12.03.2020 18:50

Re: non-EU to extend resident permit
Welcome to the forum. :)

Did you graduate from a Swiss uni or only start here with your PhD?

RinRaman 22.04.2020 21:21

Re: non-EU to extend resident permit
I was/am in an identical position: non-EU PhD grad from UZH, finished September last year and got the L permit for job hunting. My L permit expired last week and they rejected my request for an extension. I have another month to either appeal the decision or leave.

Was your L permit given based on your PhD graduation date? if yes then the rules are quite clear: PhD grads have 6 months from the date of successful completion of studies to look for a job and this 6 month period can't be extended. It doesn't matter that you're still enrolled at uni- the 6 months starts the day you got confirmation of having passed your defense. Also, having money didn't help in my case at least.

On the other hand, if the 6 month period started end of Jan and took your postdoc work into consideration, then you should get another 3 months. I'm not sure if the rules meant for students who graduated from a Swiss uni would apply here though, although postdoc permits are also "student" permits in the migration office's eyes.

No harm in applying for an extension- but sadly there's no obvious reason for them to extend it if the 6 months is up. Good luck!

LifeStrain 23.04.2020 14:22

Re: non-EU to extend resident permit
There is a clear definition that job-search permit is given for 6 months starting from the official graduation date. I guess the permit was given only for 3 months exactly for this reason (November-April). Post-doc doesn't really have a graduation date, and won't affect anything here. Unfortunately this is as far as it gets. You still have 7 days + 2 (?) weeks to get married to a Swiss or EU citizen, tho.

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