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inquirer 24.03.2020 09:54

Switching employer on L permit
Hello ,
I am from EU from Croatia , working on a permanent contract,
but didn't receive a B permit but L because no B's were available .
I was also told to check every 3 months if B is available so permit can be exchanged to B .

This L is not a plastic , credit card type card, but in the format like B permit.
Also in the documentation I received related to permit , I see that in the section BEDIGUNGEN there are no relation to employeer .
I've heard there are L permits where under BEDIGUNGEN is written :
ein Stellenwechsel ist grundsätzlich nicht möglich,
which I don't have anywhere mentioned.

Now if a company in other canton would like to hire me , can they do it ?
Are there any restrictions ?
I called Office for migration in the canton I should start to work on a new job and they told me it is not a problem to switch employer, and that I could even continue to live in the same canton and go to work in another one.

Does that mean that my potential employer could receive a positive response from the canton if they ask if they are allowed to hire me with my permit details ?

Medea Fleecestealer 24.03.2020 10:23

Re: Switching employer on L permit
It shouldn't be as you already have a permit. If you didn't then it would be a different story.


inquirer 30.03.2020 17:11

Re: Switching employer on L permit
Thank you Medea .

Having in mind that there is a notice period and permit validity ,
what if my start date would be for example 1.5 , and my current permit is valid to 30.4 ?

My understanding is that employer would normally just send a request for permit to be extended or something like that , but if I'm changing employer in the meantime , is the process different ?

My new job would also be permanent , so I guess it's the same as with other permits .

If you have a B that's valid until 30.4, and your new job starts on 1.5. ,
then I guess it's automatically extended - in my case, for another year ?

Medea Fleecestealer 30.03.2020 17:39

Re: Switching employer on L permit
Atm I doubt anything is happening regarding permits for the next 3 months.

mwong 06.04.2020 18:22

Re: Switching employer on L permit
I think you can renew the work permit yourself by filling in the application form and attaching your new contract. You should be given a B if you have a permanent contract and there is quota left. Nothing is automatically renewed in Switzerland without visiting immigration office and paying fees.

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