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Silvestre 20.05.2020 09:37

Permit Renewal if Spouse on RAV
Hello all,

Hope you are keeping safe in these crazy times!

I have tried going through the forum but I couldn’t find the answer hence the question. Despite the extraordinary times, my spouse had no choice but to resign. Timing isn’t perfect but there are more important things in life than money. A bit of background:
  • Both UK Nationals;
  • I arrived in Jan 2016 and my spouse followed in Aug 2016;
  • Both have a B Permit (5 years) albeit different expiry date; and
  • We recently (Dec 2019) changed Cantons from Zurich to Zug

Given my permit is due for renewal soon, what is the impact of my spouse claiming RAV on my permit renewal?

My German lessons/certificate are/is on hold due to the crisis so am not sure if I will have it ready in time to apply for a C permit.

EDIT: Also, what will be the impact on their renewal if they do not find a job by then and is still on RAV?



SwissGreek 20.06.2020 14:08

Re: Permit Renewal if Spouse on RAV
Being on RAV does not mean that a permit will not be granted. I know about a case, several years ago though, when after 5 years of B permit, a EU citizen was granted a C permit without any problems, even if at the time of renewal, that person was on RAV for a couple of months.

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