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Spongeali 29.09.2020 10:36

B Permit upgrade to C without renewal
Hi All,

I currently have a B permit which is about to be renewed (just before brexit) and I would like to upgrade it to a C permit. I have been learning german for a while however I do not believe that I will have the required B1 spoken level before the end of the year.

Is it possible to have a B permit renewed on my A2 level and then apply for a C permit in the next 6 months? I cannot find any specific information on C permits beyond the normal application process.

I dont have any issues with criminal records or debts so I think I should be fine on these things.

kamen 29.09.2020 11:58

Re: B Permit upgrade to C without renewal
Hello, you can apply for an upgrade of the permit at any time, regardless of the old permit. I applied for C Permit immediately after I could do it, and my B Permit was valid for 3 years more. Be specific in your request, under which legal paragraphs you would like the upgrade. I also quote "under Paragraph...., I would like to apply for...", and of course be kind and friendly, because it leaves good impression :)

Spongeali 29.09.2020 13:42

Re: B Permit upgrade to C without renewal
That is good to know, thank you :)

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