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cbeovic 29.09.2020 16:41

former non EU, current EU permit, family reunification
Hello everyone

I went through many posts regarding the subject, but my situation does not fit other examples, I hope I can get some insight.

Family of 5 from non EU country, came here 2,5 years ago on a family reunification B permit dependent on my husbands work.

I worked in academia until July. I am currently unemployed and I entered unemployment. Months ago I got my EU passport so I changed the nationality in my permit and in those of my two youngest sons. It is still a B permit but for EU nationals.

Now I am looking for work and thinking of working independently, providing services (for architecture offices)

My questions are:

1. Could I, working independently, have a separate B permit that is not family reunification?

2. In how long could I apply for a C permit, considering the changing of nationalities? current permit states original date of entry.

3. What does it take for someone setting up their own business to have a permit?

Thanks in advance!

aSwissInTheUS 29.09.2020 16:57

Re: former non EU, current EU permit, family reunification
1. The fact that you can work easily independently is tied to your nationality/EU-citizenship and not the actual permit.

2. Five years after you got your B in case you claim good integration. 5 years after you got your other nationality in case you claim 5 year based on a treaty between Switzerland and the other country. 10 years after you came to Switzerland otherwise.

3. Setting up a business does not give you a right for a permit.

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