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getupstandup 15.10.2020 22:35

Non Eu - Resignation - Residence Permit
Hello all,

I am living in Switzerland for 2 years on the B permit (formation avec activate). My residence permit B was renewed until 2021 September, but I am planning to resign from the studies next year sometime due to some circumstances. I have a few questions:

- For instance, if my resignation is told to authorities on 27th February, when should I leave Switzerland at most? Do they give some time to settle everything regarding departure?
-If I deregister from the population office, can I apply and get a tourist visa?

Holding Non-EU passport (not the privileged ones).

Thank you for the answers.

Medea Fleecestealer 16.10.2020 06:55

Re: Non Eu - Resignation - Residence Permit
I'm not sure if you'd be able to get a tourist visa or not, you'd have to ask the cantonal migration office.

Since your permit is valid until September next year, easiest is just to arrange everything needed to be done to leave the country before you inform your commune/gemeinde of your departure date. Then you can do the final cancellations needed and leave on the date specified.

getupstandup 18.10.2020 01:20

Re: Non Eu - Resignation - Residence Permit
Thank you for the response.

So, how many days the cantonal authorities give usually to leave the country after filling a form about the registration? Is it only 1-2 days or do they give around 1-2 weeks?

Medea Fleecestealer 18.10.2020 09:17

Re: Non Eu - Resignation - Residence Permit
You'd have to check, but I think it's maybe a couple of weeks.

bowlie 18.10.2020 09:51

Re: Non Eu - Resignation - Residence Permit
I suspect they would allow you sufficient time to wind up your affairs. It is going to take much more than a couple of days to get out of your lease, as an example. This is going to be different for each person.

As long as you are seen to be leaving you should be OK.

Spinal 18.10.2020 18:37

Re: Non Eu - Resignation - Residence Permit
For tourist visas, these usually have to be applied for from outside of Switzerland...

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