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SmithGraham 09.04.2021 07:38

Late Anmeldung in new gemeinde/kanton
Hello everyone,

I'm in a situation where I'm coming back from the winter season from Graubünden to Zürich. I have a place to stay, but I can't register( Anmeldung ) there. In my case, it can be over a month before I can register at a new place, so I would miss the Anmeldung deadline by over two weeks.

Could there be any other issues with Gemeinde/Kanton apart from the fine for registering 2-3 weeks late?
I'm a permit B holder.

Thank you.

NotAllThere 09.04.2021 08:53

Re: Late Anmeldung in new gemeinde/kanton
Maybe talk to them and ask. I'm assuming you can't delay the Graubunden deregistration.

Why can't you register where you're going to?

SmithGraham 09.04.2021 17:01

Re: Late Anmeldung in new gemeinde/kanton
Two people are already living in the apartment and my friend hasn't called yet Hauswervaltung to ask if they even could register a third person.

As you mentioned, I will go to the Gemeinde once in ZH and see if any solution can be found.

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