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IndUSSwiss 29.04.2021 12:23

Family reunion Father - Non EU B permit
Dear All,

I am stuck in the situation due to Covid restrictions and need your guidance.

I am Non EU with B permit and living in Zurich since 7 years.

I am only child of my parents who live in India. My parents visited us few times on visitors visa.

Recently my mother passed away and now my 70 year old father (who is heart patient) is alone. I tried to bring him here as he has valid visa but I learnt that due to Covid restrictions his visa can not be used.

Now he is stuck there. I tried visiting , calling email offices here and Indian embassy but answer is same. He can not travel.

Option given is Family reunion

I tick all boxes of income, debt free, big enough house etc.. but not sure best way to apply so that I get it approved.

Can you please guide me ?
Is it any way to bring him here on his current visa?
If family reunion is only option, Do you see with B permit, I get it through?
Are there any immigration experts who deals in these cases?

roegner 29.04.2021 12:42

Re: Family reunion Father - Non EU B permit
There are several threads on this topic. Type family reunion in the search box?




Sinking 29.04.2021 12:51

Re: Family reunion Father - Non EU B permit
There is a travel ban from India to Switzerland due to Covid right now.

You said your Father has a valid visa, I assume it's a travel visa?

Kindly note that immigration into Switzerland will currently only be possible if you possess one of the following residence permits/visas (as per directive of the State Secretariat for Migration in Berne)

Valid residence permit C, B, L or a legitimation card
Long-term Visa type D only
Refugee’s travel document issued by Switzerland with a permanent residence permit or a valid F permit
We recommend bringing a proof of relationship (e.g. copy of marriage certificate as well as the copy of the Swiss or European passport of your partner) or the residence permit card to the airport.


IndUSSwiss 30.04.2021 11:58

Re: Family reunion Father - Non EU B permit

Originally Posted by roegner (Post 3300918)

Thank you for your suggestions. I have gone through the threads earlier . Most of these threads speaks about spouse and kids with new jobs some of them from Ireland / Denmark so situation is different a little.
Other which discuss about parents too is different in a certain way..

Still I will go through these threads again...

Main concern is having B permit and current situation, I was searching if some one has successfully done familiennachzug in recent times.

Thanks again

IndUSSwiss 30.04.2021 12:09

Re: Family reunion Father - Non EU B permit
Yes your understanding is correct

There is a process of getting "Lesser passer" which allows him to travel in tourist visa as well but the exception Scenario is only when some one is dead or seriously ill here, not other way around.

Hence I am told Familiennachzug (Visa Type D) is only option.

Help I am seeking is if anyone is aware about chances of getting Lesser Passer or Familiennachzug and share his/her experience it would be very helpful

Medea Fleecestealer 30.04.2021 12:59

Re: Family reunion Father - Non EU B permit
It's very difficult to do this. One of the conditions is that your parent has been financially dependent on you already. Also this from meloncollie on her research into this topic.


Originally Posted by meloncollie (Post 3047580)
With Brexit looming, and all the consequences for UK citizens who suddenly will become non-EU...

If we assume non-EU status for everyone, your situation might be similar to mine when we looked into this a few years ago. We are non-EU with C permits, ILs also non-EU.

What I learned was that there is no right to bring a parent here, but under some circumstances there might be individual discretion, and in discussions with acquaintances in similar family circumstances there seemed to be varying attitudes from officialdom towards the request.

So, start with an informal chat with the Powers That Be at your Gemeinde, try to suss out what the prevailing attitudes might be.

My take-away from our discussions was that ensuring that there would be not be negative financial consequence to taxpayers seemed to be a primary concern. Towards that end emphasis seemed to be on our finances, both in how we would be able to meet our ILs expected needs, as well whether we were 'net contributors' generally. The question that always seemed to lurk in the background of discussions was 'You should go back to your home country to care for your parents - so why is it in Switzerland's interest for you to stay and bring them here?'

That said, I have met other non-EU folks who were able to bring non-EU parents here with more weight to compassionate grounds. From my limited experiences and wholly anectodotal discussions, there seems to be some YMMV. These cases were some years ago, before the general crack-down on non-EU immigration, however.

In the end MIL became too ill to travel so we dropped the idea, and then later after her death when we revisited it, FIL died unexpectedly before a resolution. So we don't know what the outcome might have been.

Do you have a partner here, and if so what is your partner's citizenship? And the children's citizenship? If Swiss you are likely in a far better position.

But do start with that informal chat with the folks at the Gemeinde - perhaps better to treat it as an information gathering session for a theoretical possibility, not as a prelude to an application. And then formulate your strategy from there.

I hope a good solution is found, and I wish you and your family all the best.


Also this


Another thing to consider is whether it's in his best interest to uproot him from all he's known all his life and plunk him down in a foreign country where he doesn't speak the language, doesn't know anyone but you, has no friends, etc, etc.

It's a difficult situation all round; best thing is to discuss it with him and your cantonal migration office to see whether it's what he would want and whether it's going to be possible if he does.

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