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airman 21.06.2021 04:55

Unemployment considerations for 6 months abroad
Hi all!
I searched for a bit but couldn't find direct answers, so I'm going to post the question here.

I've heard it's possible to leave Switzerland to tend to family matters in a non-EU country if necessary.

As I understand this, on a B permit, a person could leave for up to 6 months without any problems. The intention would be to then return to Switzerland afterwards.

If a person is receiving unemployment pay before leaving, is it possible to continue to receive these payments (assuming the person still looks for work and they've not run out of entitlement days) while tending to family matters in a non-EU country?

If not, would the unemployment payments just get paused and resumed when the person comes back?

Does anyone know how this all works and what options this person has to continue having income while tending to family?

Since this is a non-EU situation, as I understand it, transferring the unemployment benefits to an unemployment office in the non-EU country would not be possible.

The intention is to somehow deal with these family issues without having tons of problems resuming life and work in Switzerland afterwards.


Medea Fleecestealer 21.06.2021 06:54

Re: Unemployment considerations for 6 months abroad
Since you are supposed to be available to take up any suitable job offer I can't see RAV being very happy with you not being here to do just that. You'd need to talk to them about it since it's their decision whether to continue paying you or not.

RoseGlow 21.06.2021 07:06

Re: Unemployment considerations for 6 months abroad
You can't leave and keep getting RAV benefits.
You must be actively looking for job and report to RAV regularly.
In principle you must not leave Switzerland as it will impact your availability to find a job.
You are allowed to take vacation (about 10 days a year).
If you have to leave Switzerland for justified reasons you MUST inform RAV and you won't receive benefits for these days.
If you leave without reason you will be refused RAV benefits.

If you are planning to leave Switzerland you may qualify for 3 months benefits while you look for job abroad, but you would need to get it discussed and approved, but that's if you want to find job abroad to leave Switzerland.

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