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Canada Family 23.06.2021 12:29

Internship for B permit
Hi all. We have been here 6 years under B permit (will hopefully get C permit later this year once passing our German test). My son just graduated high school and would like to stay here with us so we need to extend his B permit but challenging as he is 18 and will not be in school this year. He has an opportunity to work as an internship with a smaller software company here in Switzerland. Anybody have any experience with internships for a B permit that are not connected to a specific program he is studying in school? Is there a minimum length of the internship? Minimum salary required, etc?


3Wishes 23.06.2021 22:35

Re: Internship for B permit
Have a bump since there aren't any answers yet. :)

Island Monkey 23.06.2021 22:42

Re: Internship for B permit
Children can be your dependants until age 21 I believe.

st2lemans 24.06.2021 07:05

Re: Internship for B permit

Originally Posted by Island Monkey (Post 3320794)
Children can be your dependants until age 21 I believe.

25, but only if in school or apprenticeship.


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