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romeeluy 23.06.2021 15:33

B permit renewal (non-eu - unemployed)
Hi all,

I just joined the forum. I am excited to be a part of this community.

I recently became unemployed after my employer had to downsize due to Covid.

I am Non-EU with a B permit (not attached to my employer) from Vaud that will expire in October. My unemployment insurance benefits are until August 2022.

I was turned down by a fixed-term position I applied to, for permit reasons. They told me I could reapply after my permit was renewed.

This is my first time being unemployed. I am very concerned about the permit renewal process and the situation overall.

Could anyone enlighten me about whether I need to go to the bureau des étrangers, service de la population or the commune to ask for a renewal or do I just wait for it?

Help :confused: :msnblush:

undersometree 23.06.2021 17:58

Re: B permit renewal (non-eu - unemployed)
It would honestly be pretty difficult to have your permit renewed without a job just because you have the right to unemployment if you are non-EU.

You could try and renew your permit 3 months before expiry and explain the situation in writing with the application when you submit it to the control des habitants.

The decision would be completely up to the authorities, and you should begin preparing for the worst case scenario of non-renewal.

Uaby 23.06.2021 22:15

Re: B permit renewal (non-eu - unemployed)

Since you have an untied permit, even a contractual role would boost your chances of renewal. Suggest you get in touch with a legal advisor as well.

Best of luck!

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