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jws 26.07.2021 01:11

Freelancing as Student (EU citizen)

I'm an Italian citizen looking to move to Zurich to study, and I'd like to do a small amount of freelance work for overseas clients to support myself while I'm there.

I'm confused about the residence permit - it seems that each type of permit doesn't quite fit my needs

For example:
I see that a residence permit for a student allows 15 hours of employment a week, but is freelance work prohibited?
I see that to get a residence permit for a freelance business it is required to prove a high level of income/viability for their business, but will the same threshold of income be applied to a student who only wants to work a small number of hours a week? My income will be roughly 900CHF p/m

I'd really appreciate your help! If I cannot work freelance for ~10 hours a week alongside my studies then my plans will be ruined.. I hope there is a way to make it work!

Medea Fleecestealer 26.07.2021 07:43

Re: Freelancing as Student (EU citizen)
I'm not sure, but I suspect as a student - which is the permit you'll have - won't allow you to be self-employed since there's no way to guarantee you only work 15 hours a week during term time.

From the ETHZ website:


Still, best thing to do to be sure is to contact the cantonal migration office and ask them.

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