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minimimi 06.09.2021 13:49

When is new BAG list expected?
Is there a set date for new BAG risk countries list?

Did not follow latest developments too much...

Getting a ticket for a family member. He would be coming from a list that is not on a risk list at the moment but do not want to purchase too much in advance and need a quarantine...

doropfiz 06.09.2021 14:21

Re: When is new BAG list expected?
The list is updated at irregular intervals, depending on the assessment of the pandemic so, yes, unfortunately, it is difficult to plan.

The current version of the rules of entering Switzerland, to do with any Covid restrictions, and also with links through to the immigration rules, can be found here, in English.

The travelcheck is quite convenient, to check the individual situation of any potential traveller. Of course, this is "information only" and not binding, but still helpful.

doropfiz 09.09.2021 23:21

Re: When is new BAG list expected?
The info of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has been updated, here (dated 08.09.2021):

The FOPH has decided against continuing to use "The List" as it has, up till now.

Country list no longer appropriate for health-related measures
The list of countries previously employed by the Federal Office of Public Health to track where variants of the virus of concern were circulating is no longer appropriate. The highly contagious Delta variant led to a massive increase in the number of cases in many countries within just a few days. This dynamic cannot be reflected in such a list. In addition, not continually adjusting the list affords the travel industry a certain degree of stability. Nevertheless, the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) does still operate a list of high-risk countries, which regulates where people may travel from to enter Switzerland.

In addition, there are ongoing discussions about two alternative sets of requirements for travellers entering Switzerland.
The consultation [on the two options] lasts until 14 September. The Federal Council is expected to take a decision on 17 September. The rules would enter into force on 20 September.
Consultation on two proposal variations
Variation 1
is based on the repeat testing of travellers who are unvaccinated and who have not had COVID-19 and recovered. They should present a negative test on entering Switzerland, regardless of where they are travelling from. After four or a maximum of seven days in Switzerland, another test should be carried out in Switzerland. The canton must be notified of the result of the second test. Both tests are subject to a fee.

Variation 2
also envisages that travellers who are unvaccinated and who have not had COVID-19 and recovered should be required to present a negative test result on entry. However, instead of a second test these travellers would have to quarantine for ten days after entering the country. They would be able to end the quarantine after seven days if they test negative.

In the case of both variations, travellers would have to complete an electronic entry form (Passenger Locator Form) and the rules would apply to all forms of transport (on foot, bicycle, aeroplane, train, boat, bus and car). Existing border checks would be tightened and fines issued if necessary. Exceptions would apply to cross-border commuters, children under the age of 16, transit passengers and freight traffic through Switzerland.

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