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kvrbpl 27.09.2008 18:14

Unemployment benefits as Non EU??
I am looking for some clarification on unemployment benefits. Here are the facts of the case

My wife works for a business thats closing down. would she be eligible for any benefits considering the following:

1) We are both Non EU on B permits
2) I am gainfully employed
3) She has been with the firm only 7 months

I strongly feel considering her loss of job is not a real hardship for us, there is no chance of claiming any benefits!

But in any case I would like to know the following:

1) Where do you go and declare your loss of job if you need to claim benefits? We live in Basel but she works in Zurich--What is the name of this office where you need to register?
2) What do you need to produce as a proof? (Like termination letter, what kind of proof do we need to have to prove she is still looking)

Any pointers much appreciated----

Thanks all in advance

Goldtop 27.09.2008 18:21

Re: Unemployment benefits as Non EU??
Nationality is irrelevant for unemployment benefits. Spouse's income is also irrelevant.

Important is 12 months of prior contribution to the Swiss employment insurance. Under certain circumstances, prior contributions in an EU country may count, too.

You should immediately contact the RAV office closest to your place of residence. Your local town-hall can tell you where it is.

The RAV will give you forms to fill in and a list of supporting documents they need to see.

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