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ipoddle 03.03.2009 15:01

F Permit restrictions

Does anyone have any experience of how someone with an F Permit can relocate from one Canton to another ?

Does anyone know of anything like the UK Citizens Advice Bureau that can offer impartial guidance on issues relating to residency for F Permit holders.

PM if you prefer...


jrspet 03.03.2009 21:07

Re: F Permit restrictions
I assume you are asking on behalf of an F permit holder ( temporarily admitted refugee - usually not granted to citizenry of the developed world ).

I'd suggest you take advantage of the solicitors for asylum seekers such as ZBA, Lochergut ZH or an equivalent in Basel. The F permit holder is usually given a list of solicitors and is supported by an organisation during the validity of the pemit.

ipoddle 04.03.2009 20:33

Re: F Permit restrictions
I am.... and thanks very much for the feedback

jrspet 04.03.2009 22:12

Re: F Permit restrictions
If you wish to discuss possible options in confidence, send me a PM and I'll give you my phone number.

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