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TapiroLee 31.03.2009 12:36

US DV visa lottery and living in CH anyone?

I am sorry if this is a bit OT.

I am from a non EU nor US country so getting US visa is a hassle. Yes! I apply every year to the US DV visa lottery and my idea is to get the green card but live in Switzerland at the same time. I would like to get the GC, so I can freely travel to US every time I want to visit my relatives and friends there.

Has anyone managed to get a green card this way and still live in CH? any troubles besides the double taxation?

Best regards,

renmaris 31.03.2009 12:56

Re: US DV visa lottery and living in CH anyone?
I believe under the new immigration laws adopted since 9/11 this will be impossible. A green card is granted to people who have the intention to reside and work in the USA. It is also granted to the immediate family of the original apllicant. A green card holder who ceases to live in the USA will lose the right to return and live there unless explicit permission is sought and received to be absent for a fixed period of time. Normally this is 2 years with possible extensions. By implication therefore, there seems little possibility to get a green card if you have no intention to live in the USA. I know this used to be very common. For example, many residents of Hong Kong sought residency in the USA prior to the handover of the former colony to the Chinese. They would then set up a base but continue to work in HK. I believe that option has been removed. It seems to be you have 2 solutions - one would be to try and get a card through your relatives but as explained above if you indicate you intend to continue to live here I believe the application will be denied. The other option is to get a multiple entry visa.

The disadvantage of filing US taxes for green card holders should not be overlooked. It can be a major pain and, depending on your circumstances might cost you additional money because US taxes can be higher than those in Switzerland.

joeyying 01.04.2009 20:49

Re: US DV visa lottery and living in CH anyone?
Getting a visa travel to US is less complicated

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