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Martin1976 27.07.2009 11:13

Help with application for self employment
My wife works for Roche and i'm hoping to become self employed so i can freelance as a video editor. I already have jobs lined up and ready to comence but to get paid i need all my permits sorted out properly. So if someone can help with what i need to fill out where i need to go that would be very much appreciated.

Cheers Martyn

Hyacinth 27.07.2009 19:32

Re: Help with application for self employment

I believe that if you have a B permit and you are an EU national you are allowed to work as self-employed. This is certainly true in Canton Vaud, because this is my situation.

But you need to get an accountant or lawyer who will tell you how to register to pay social security (AVS in French). You might also have to register to pay VAT (TVA in French) depending on how much you think you will earn in any year. You will also have to pay income tax in monthly instalments - this also means you have to register.

Best way to find out the exact rules in your canton and how to get started is probably to get a consultation with an English-speaking accountant where you live.

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