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Larissa 16.04.2007 15:48

Entry Visa for US Citizen
Hi, I've been getting mixed-responses from the Immigration office and hoping someone on the board has been in a similar situation. My boyfriend (who is an EU citizen) got a job in Zurich with a B-Permit and I came to live with him in March.

I'm a US citizen and when he first called the immigration office here they told him not to worry with anything, that we could apply for a B-Permit when I arrived in Switzerland. We applied when I arrived and now, a month later, they wrote to say that as I entered the country without the proper visa my application will not be considered until I have this visa.

We called the Consulate in Stuttgart and they said we could pick up the visa from them but that they thought papers had to be filed from the US. I tried to call the Swiss Embassy in the US but their voice mail said no questions would be answered regarding visas.

I'm a bit at a loss over what to do next. Do I have to return to the US to file the paperwork? Is there some way to get this visa directly from Stuttgart? Also where do I get the paperwork for the Declaration of Guarentee that by bf will cover my expenses. I keep seeing it referred to but I haven't been able to find the paperwork anywhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Music Mole 16.04.2007 17:49

Re: Entry Visa for US Citizen
I was told that the visa paperwork had to be filed with the embassy/consulate of the country I was residing in (in this case, UK). If you were residing in Germany, then their answer seems consistent with what I was told.


nicolo 20.04.2007 15:58

Re: Entry Visa for US Citizen
The same thing happened to me two years ago in Ticino. My old school had an agreement saying I didn't need a visa. My new one did. Never knew about it until I was trying to get my permit. Soooo, I basically went to the police and filed a report of what happened. Admittingly I entered the country illegal, but not intentionally and I was led on false information to do so. The local prosecutor declined to press charges and with that letter from the prosecutor I was allowed to receive the permit.

irinulik 25.11.2011 13:03

Re: Entry Visa for US Citizen
I have the same question but for the US citizen child. My friend has B permit but submitted for renewal. She plans to obtain 3 months "visa de retour" to fly to the US, have a kid there and bring it back (she is trying to avoid to have her husband with whom she is separated to know about the kid she is having from another man!).

So, does she have to apply for the residence permit for the newborn in the Swiss Consulate in the US (and if yes, how much time approximately does it take to get an answer?) or she can bring him to Switzerland and then apply for the residence permit in Switzerland?

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