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Motorschweitz 03.09.2009 19:16

Question/concern about work permit
Hello all:

I'm an American that just moved to CH for a postdoctoral position. Here are a couple questions I have regarding my documentation in the application for a work permit (B) - I hope someone can help me. My wife and I entered CH 2 days ago, and we registered at the Stadthaus in Duebendorf yesterday - the clerk processed everything as if it were ok. However, I'm concerned:

1. when my wife and I entered CH, we came through a connecting flight from Brussels. Our entry visas were never stamped in Zuerich. Does that mean we need to reenter?

2. I noticed in our form Ermaechtigung zur Visumerteilung (einreiseerlaubnis) it states in the Bedingungen section I need to present the Gueltiges Reisedokument and Vorlage Doktorurkunde bei Anmeldung. I'm still in the VERY early stages of learning German, so I translate this to mean that I need to show my entry visa and proof of my doctoral degree. Is this correct? If so, the clerk did not ask for my doctoral degree proof - does that mean I need to re-apply?

As I stated, the clerk just processed it all as if there were no problem, however, I do not know if I needed to know this information beforehand. The way it's beginning to sound to me is that he just sends all this off to the immigration office in Zurich and expects them to lose it half the time, which does not give me confidence in the ability to obtain this precious piece of paper.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

07.09.2009 18:51

Re: Question/concern about work permit
You did your bit.

Now wait to hear from them.

It's fast becoming normal not to get a visa stamp - some have even been refused one on asking at the border :confused:.

If they want to see your contract / degree or anything else they will ask.

Motorschweitz 11.09.2009 05:54

Re: Question/concern about work permit
Thanks for your reply.

I was a bit proactive and went back to the Stadthaus and dropped off a copy of my PhD approval with them. Evidently, they bundle all the applications and send them off at once, so I was able to get my extra paperwork in before they sent them off.

As for the visa stamping - I think the boarding passes are proof enough. They said it was no problem - I mean, I registered at the office so that's proof I am here. Although, I was hoping I could take a little trip across the border and back just to get the stamp.:)

Now - the fun of getting an apartment.

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