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FabioVid 30.04.2007 21:15

Short term work permit
Hi guys:
I have just joined this site, hope you can help me:
I am a Peruvian Citizen with English and Spanish residence, studing IT in a london university. I have been offered a vacancy for my industrial placement (one year) at CERN (which is part of my degree). I wonder if I would have any problems when I apply for a Short term work permit, because as far as I know it only applies to nationals of US, canadians and other 14 EU countries. If so i think it is NOT fair, because that would be discriminating third world nationals (even though I know there are political agreement between those countries).
I ve been selected to CERN because of my first class marks at university and to be honest I would not like to miss this opportunity in my life.
Thanks for your interest
ps: Any of you know what pre-requisites I need to apply? There is little information online regarding this issue.

magyir 01.05.2007 13:00

Re: Short term work permit
Hi there,
If you work ar CERN you could be eligible to have a special permit like Bi instead of a normal B or L depending on your position as per other international institutions like the UN, Bank for International Settlements etc.

Ask the CERN HR for more details or look on the www.ch.ch website for more info on permit types.

Hope this helps

FabioVid 01.05.2007 17:23

Re: Short term work permit
Hi Mick:
Just to thank you for your time and interest. I ll check the web site you gave me.

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