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kitten23kate 05.05.2010 08:19

Question on visa type D application
Hello all! I have a quick question, in case anyone would know. I'd call my hubby to ask but he's at work right now :(

I am married to a Swiss citizen, who is currently living in Switzerland. I'm going through the visa process, and tomorrow I will be making my trip down to the embassy to submit my paperwork.

I am moving to Switzerland along with my 2 kids from a prior relationship. Their father has no part of their lives and is not listed on the birth certificate (I am the only parent listed). When filling out their applications (type D visa apps.) there is a section that asks "In case of family reunion: Relationship with the family member in Switzerland" and the choices are: spouse, child, grand child, dependent ascendant. The family member in Switzerland would be technically their step father (although on a side note, he loves them like his own and we'd like to go through the process of having him adopt them as his kids). So I am not sure what box I should check :(

sam_dalby 05.05.2010 11:34

Re: Question on visa type D application
You could always leave it blank and ask at the commune when you hand in your paperwork, rather than fill in the wrong box.

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