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larya 28.08.2010 01:39

Transfer B permit ausbildung to work (quota-based)
Hi all,

For the last 3.5 years, I have been working as a postdoc and hold a B permit which is for 'education' and not quota-based (Ausbildung mit erwerbstaetigkeit).

Now I'm taking a new (non-research) job which would require a quota-based work permit in another canton. Actually, to be precise, I will keep my postdoc position for 20% in Zurich and have the new job for 80% in Lausanne.

Contract for the new job is signed, for 1 Sept start date. The trouble is: the HR at the new job did not apply for my work permit yet until yesterday, a typical case of it's-august-so-we-are-on-holiday.

Now, HR and migration office are telling me contradictory info every 3 days. On monday afternoon: we have to delay your start date until your work permit is authorized (4-8 weeks). Then on wed morning: yes, you can start working on 1 sept, no need to wait for the permit. Then later: we have to first check your file and see what we can do. It keeps changing and changing.

Does anyone know or have had similar experience in the past? Can anyone start working already while waiting for the quota-based work permit authorization? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

Tamala 29.08.2010 16:02

Re: Transfer B permit ausbildung to work (quota-based)
This reminds me a bit of my permit problem. It was somehow different but what helped in my case was Migrationsamt. They were able to locate my problem (the Personenmeldamt's worker "changed" my nationality) and when this was corrected, I asked them (=Migrationsamt) if I was aloud to work. They told me I was, despite not having a permit yet. They told me I'll get it in 2 weeks which was exactly when I got it. My employer was also told I could work so I did. More or less I only lost just two or three days because of the visits to all possible places ending with "amt". There might have been a problem if the permit wouldn't have arrived in the same month, at least I think I couldn't have gotten my salary on time.

I don't know if this can help you at all. In my case it was also a matter of working in another canton, but the core of the problem was the faulty entry by the Personenmeldamt's worker.

I know someone in Lausanne who was working for almost 3 months while still waiting for his Permit. I don't know if he eventually got it or not as we didn't meet since then. I know he doesn't worry about it anymore as he just left Switzerland.

Good luck!

larya 29.08.2010 17:29

Re: Transfer B permit ausbildung to work (quota-based)
Thanks very much for the input, Tamala! I forgot to mention in my post that I'm non EU. Are you also a non EU citizen? Thanks again!

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