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meloncollie 02.05.2011 09:21

Dog Care Providers and Clients - Which Insurance?
A question for those of you who are doing dog walking/sitting as a paid service, and those who are clients of dog care providers:

How have you handled insurance issues?

In the past, I had a dog sitter who ran a proper business and carried her own insurance. In the two years since this wonderful lady retired, I have been unable to find anyone already set-up to work legally - so I'm now looking at either helping a qualified candidate set up his/her own business or - my least-preferred option - to employ him/her as my employee.

So - those of you who are dogwalking as self-employed or as a business - what insurance company are you using for your commercial liability policy? What does this insurance cover - i.e., does your policy cover:

damages caused by you/the dog?
accidents where you/the dog are deemed at fault?
accidents where the dog is injured by a third party?
medical care for the dog/third party due to an accident?

And, what does this type of policy generally cost?


Those of you who are clients: If your dog care provider is working as your employee, or if you use someone who is not registered as self-employed or as a business, what kind of liability insurance do you carry to cover the dog walker?

If I understand it correctly, standard Privathaftpflicht covers third parties in charge of a dog who are not working commercially, but not dog walkers/sitters who are paid. Do you carry another liability policy, and if so, what kind, from which insurer?

Any insights as to how you have dealt with the insurance issues related to your dog care provider would be much appreciated.

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