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simon guy 23.07.2011 12:32

Dachshund Breeders
Hi all, just joined the forum. I was wondering if anyone knows of any names/websites of reputable dachshund breeders in Switzerland. Am living in Verbier in Valais but am prepared to travel. Thanks for your help.

Guest 23.07.2011 12:36

Re: Dachshund Breeders
No idea- but welcome to Verbier- hope you enjoy skiing (or boarding).
In French a Dachshund (direct translation from german : badger dog) is
teckel if you want to do a French Google.

meloncollie 23.07.2011 13:58

Re: Dachshund Breeders
Simon, please see this sticky thread for a link to the SKG (the Swiss kennel club, FCI):


And the Dackel (Dachshund in German) Club of Switzerland, the breed club within the SKG:


Also, the Dachshund (Dackel) club of the German VDH (German kennel club, FCI)


Contact the breed clubs for a list of breeders who have current and expected litters.

The breeder thread above also discusses what to look for in a breeder - please only go to an ethical, responsible breeder - as well as what to expect in the process. Be aware that good breeders will expect you to prove that you are a good home, be prepared for a rather good grilling; any breeder willing to hand over a pup without sufficient background checks is someone to avoid. Also, be aware that there may be a waiting list for pups from reputable breeders.

And, do be aware of your obligations under the TschV - first time dog owners must do the SKN theory course before acquiring a dog, all owners must do the SKN practical course within the first 12 months of ownership - with each and every dog.

And just because rescue is my thing, and I try not to pass up any opportunity to promote the needs of homeless critters ;) ... I'll mention that there is a dachshund mix, ID 30941 and dachshund mix puppy, 29384, both looking for a homes on the Swiss database of homeless animals:


These portal sites dedicated to rehoming homeless dachshunds might also be of interest:

All the best - hope you find your little friend soon.

Jules in Basel 12.08.2011 21:54

Re: Dachshund Breeders
We own a Standard Wirehaired Dackel and are members of both the Swiss Dackel Club (SDC) and the German Dackel Club (DTK). We are super active with our dog in hunting training as well as obedience. If you want to let he know which specific breed type you are looking for (short hair, long hair, wire hair; Standard, zwerg, kannichen) I can give you some leads. Send me a message to talk more!

Best of luck searching for your four-legged friend!

Julie and Freddie (The Chocolate brown Dackel)

Merrylegs 13.08.2011 08:49

Re: Dachshund Breeders
Hi Simon, there is a two year old lady teckel looking for a home at the Ligue Valaisanne Pour La Protection des Animaux Refuge in Ardon. www.lvpa.ch. You can see a photo of her on this site. Her name is Simba, and she is described as "hyper-affectueuse" Good luck with your search for a canine companion.

stephanie7837 21.01.2015 17:28

Re: Dachshund Breeders
I am looking for a long haired dachshund breeder near to Geneva, if anyone has any contacts I would really appreciate your help.

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