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Glasgow1 05.08.2015 21:30

Dog Care Vaud

I am looking for some advice re dog boarding etc. I have recently moved to area and will at some point need help with my dog. Might be over a weekend if we need to go back home possibly longer over Xmas.

He is a very friendly dog but has never been in kennels before. Do people look after dogs in their own homes over here? All I can seem to find is people that would like to come to the house..

The kennels in Nyon have been recommended to me. Has anyone used them before.


Guest 05.08.2015 21:35

Re: Dog Care Vaud
Which part of Vaud? It is very difficult to get dog care over the Christmas holidays, Easter and July/August- so make sure you book MONTHS in advance. I amazed to see posts on EF asking for cat or dog care days before it is needed, during main holidays- and I always wonder, what if they don't get someone- what then? Will they cancel the holiday, or abandon the animal (1000s end up on the streets and in refuges, would you believe)- So well done, bravo, for enquiring a long time before needed. Hurrah.

Bet you can't wait to leave the weather back in Glasgow- I watch BBC news and they seem always battered with terrible weather and cold temps! Yuk.

If I were you, I'd go to the recommended kennel before you need it- just for a couple of days at at time- and then for a short week- before you go away for longer. A bit expensive, but a brilliant investment in the long run, and peace of mind. What sort of dog is he?

Glasgow1 05.08.2015 21:42

Re: Dog Care Vaud
So glad to be away from that weather in Scotland!!

We are in Commugny so almost Geneva I suppose and very close to Divonne.

I think I'm just anxious as to how he/I would cope if he had to go to kennels!!

John_H 05.08.2015 23:36

Re: Dog Care Vaud
Hello Glasgow person .. From another Glasgow person :)

We have two people who look after our dog (for a fee).. But family situation, not kennels .. So let's get in touch. Both are within 20 minutes drive for me.. Our mutt is there tonight because we're going out tomorrow .. And we're booking now for christmas!

Merrylegs 06.08.2015 07:52

Re: Dog Care Vaud
John H, can you send me details of the people who take care of your best friend when you are absent please. I live close to Nyon. Thanks!

Merrylegs 06.08.2015 07:58

Re: Dog Care Vaud
Glasgow1, I can heartily recommend the Kennels in Nyon. I have been a member there for many years. The animals are very well taken care of. During the recent Paleo concert, which takes place literally next to the kennels, the staff are present 24/7 to ensure as best they can that their "guests" feel secure amongst all the noise.

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