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LearningAlways 04.10.2015 21:02

Suggestions needed for rehoming cockatiel
We have a cockatiel that we can no longer keep - too much traveling - and are having difficulties finding a suitable situation for him. He's an 11-year-old white-faced cockatiel named Cupid, hand tame and loves to socialize once he has time to bond with a human. My daughter got him from a rescue organization in the US where he had been with a male for several years but was not getting along with the male. We thought my daughter was going to take him back to the US this past year, but it turns out that is not the case.

We just tried him at the home of a woman with two cockatiels - 8-year-old male and young female - and he got along very well with the male but kept chasing the female away. We had tried him earlier this year with two younger cockatiels - not sure of the sex - and he did very well, but the people could not keep him. I found this suggestion from Mrs. Doolittle on another thread, http://www.auffangstation.ch/, so I guess that is our backup option.

However, we would love to see him placed in a home, with another bird he can get along with, preferably closer to Lausanne where we live. We'd love to hear suggestions about the best way to find him a home and/or bird rescue shelters in the Suisse Romande.

zmaster1911 07.10.2015 15:32

Re: Suggestions needed for rehoming cockatiel
take him to geneva...i hear the gay scene is pretty strong there ;)

he got along very well with the male but kept chasing the female away

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