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kri 18.02.2017 12:54

Urgent - need Neurologist for dog
Hi all!

Friend of mine has a bulldog diagnosed with hydrocephaly so not a good prognosis.

Before taking a decision she would like a second opinion from a second Neurologist.

Do any of you have a recommendation?

Zurich region - preferably towards Zug/Luzern etc.



meloncollie 18.02.2017 14:20

Re: Urgent - need Neurologist for dog
Dr Frank Steffen is a very highly respected neurologist.

I saw him when Hooligan first began having seizures, he was very helpful is mapping out a sensible route towards diagnosis. I like him very much. Currently we are investigating a new bizarrre behavior that might or might not be neurological, so my primary vet sent him the films - if needed we will see him again.

He is usually at the Tierspital:


He also consults at several area practices. You will likely need a referral from your Haustierartz.

Sending lots of cyber hugs to your friend - that's a very a tough situation to be in.

swissnyc 18.02.2017 20:22

Re: Urgent - need Neurologist for dog
This is also of interest for me.


My cat has also fluids in the brain.
One vet thinks (thought) it was lymphoma. The second one, a FIP virus.

After taking steroids she has improved greatly, but she has balance problems and a hard time to stand on her legs.

The vet said that the fluids may have cause some damages in her brain and I was thinking of having her checked by a neurologist.

Thank you Meloncoilie for the referral.

Mrs. Doolittle 21.02.2017 14:22

Re: Urgent - need Neurologist for dog
I can also recommend Dr. Steffen. He operated on one of our dogs about 6 years ago at his clinic in Luzern.

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