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meloncollie 13.12.2018 22:23

Beaphar Multivitamin Paste - any sightings?
The Meloncollie household is in a bit of a panic... here's hoping the collective mind of EF can help.

My go-to wonder product to motivate dogs battling inappetence to eat again has for years been Beaphar Multivitamin Paste, this product here: https://www.zooplus.de/shop/hunde/hu...ine/fell/60495

Unlike other high calorie pastes, this is milk powder based, not malt, it's far more palatable. Several of the Meloncollies past would eat this after rejecting just about everything else - I credit this stuff with giving my old friends a second chance. I like to keep it on hand, as you never know when it might be needed.

Went to place an order to stock up and see that Zooplus.ch no longer carries it,and according to their customer service rep there are no plans to restock. Zooplus.de still has it, but apparently .de will not ship to Switzerland anymore. (When did that happen?)

A few third party sellers on amazon.de have it - but their pictures show the old packaging. Given the packaging change was made pretty long ago, I'm worried about expired product. One .ch website - that I have never heard of - also shows the old package. In addition to worries about expiration, I am not keen on buying from unknown websites.

Checked all the usual retail outlets - Fressnapf, Qualipet, Meiko - no one has it. Wrote to Beaphar, no answer yet.

So to my plea:

If you are out and about at any of the smaller retail pet stores, or at your vet shop, and happen to see this product, could you let me know?

Or if any of the smaller online shops you know and trust sell it, would you send me a link?

Many thanks.

Mrs. Doolittle 14.12.2018 02:15

Re: Beaphar Multivitamin Paste - any sightings?
It looks like Fressnapf in Germany carries it.


If this is the right stuff I would be happy to pick some up for you and send it to you.

meloncollie 14.12.2018 10:23

Re: Beaphar Multivitamin Paste - any sightings?
Thanks Mrs D!

I'll pop down to the local Fressnapf and see if it might be possible for the store to special order from Germany (.de does not deliver to private CH customers) - but if it's not possible I'll PM you.

Really appreciate the offer.


On another note:

What is with products suddenly disappearing from the Swiss market? This seems to be happening more and more. Anyone else experiencing this?

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