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Guest 23.04.2019 16:55

Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
Like the title says....Lily the Pup is 14.5 and showing signs of arthritis. Her short legs make it difficult for her to leap into the back of the car. Neither will she jump into the back seat. It‘s probably about a 50 cm jump.

We bought a ramp and have been trying to train her to walk the ramp in the living room, (we tried the car and that was a fail) she just does not like new things, even when bribed with steak.

So we have a partial solution....put her in the dog box and lift it into the car. It‘s less than 30kg - 25 of dog and the dog box can‘t be more than 5. Works great, except it requires two people. Not always feasible.

So then I saw table lifts, scissor lifts and I was thinking, could I get a small manual one with wheels that I can collapse and put into the car? Anyone know if/where I might find such a thing.

Thank you!

maypril 23.04.2019 17:44

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
Another option, since you already have a ramp... maybe find something to help "roll" the dog box up the ramp.

meloncollie 23.04.2019 17:50

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car

Originally Posted by maypril (Post 3063533)
Another option, since you already have a ramp... maybe find something to help "roll" the dog box up the ramp.

I was thinking along the same lines. You can add wheels, or at least a wheeled dolly, to the crate. Then you would push it up the ramp.

I'm sure I've seen a lift-like thingy somewhere... will search around and get back to you.

Cyber hugs to Lily.

Guest 23.04.2019 18:16

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
I‘d thought of that too....i‘ll Have to see if she will get into the box on the ramp or I can drag it onto the ramp without too much trouble and distress to her.

meloncollie 23.04.2019 20:33

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
Found the small scissor lift table cart I think I remembered, but I don’t know anything about this retailer. So due diligence, blah blah, blah...


Hope you find a solution...

(Figuring Heffalump and I have a few years, but some day I will likely be looking for similar solutions.)

ETA: Found a similar Hubtisch from Arthur Weber:


Arthur Weber is a respected company. More expensive though. You could stop by one of the stores to see the lift, though.

Guest 23.04.2019 21:03

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
That‘s exactly what I‘m looking at too. I‘ve seen aluminum ones that come in at 27kg....no way I can lift almost 50 kg into the car. I‘ll need a lift for the lift. :cool:

I can also buy wheels for lily‘s crate - am wondering if I can wheel it up the ramp and then lock the wheels in the car (she has a clipper 5 or 6). Need to do some measuring.

Thanks! I‘ll keep you posted on our progress.

Mrs. Doolittle 23.04.2019 21:55

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
I understand your situation. Been through it. Not sure what ramp you bought but previously I covered ours with carpet (used two sided tape) and that seemed to help.

Going down the ramp seems to be less difficult than going up. Maybe it is because the dog is eager to get out of the box. So you might try putting Lily in the box (with help of course, using towels under her tummy to lift her works well if you haven't got anything else on hand). Then see if she will go down the ramp when it is time to take her out of the box.

I know they also sell stairs for dogs. I don't know if this is going to be any easier than a ramp but certainly beats jumping.

Guest 23.04.2019 22:04

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
Thank you! That‘s a great idea. The carpet and going down first.

She‘s got a plastic dog box. With two people, it‘s easy enough to get in and out of the car......but there will be times when I might have to do this on my own.

meloncollie 23.04.2019 22:43

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
Re: Guiding Lily up/down a ramp

Hooligan needs guidance on stairs now, following a vestibular attack that left her peripheral perception out of whack. I'm using her Roughwear harness, the Webmaster with the handle on the back, to 'steer' her as she goes up and down.

The handle makes it easy for me... and my wobbly knees.

Maybe doing something similar, along with Mrs D's excellent suggestions, might help Lily feel less reticent to walk up/down a ramp?

Can Lily do stairs, do you think stairs might be easier than a ramp? If so, there is this:

The three step version, set to the side door, might be easiest for all.

(Although, IMO a ramp would seem gentler on arthritic joints, especially going downwards, once a dog decides a ramp is tolerable.)

Guest 24.04.2019 16:04

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
Lily does stairs. I‘d thought of stairs and might still try them. We have no stairs in our flat, though.

I‘m also going to try carpet on the ramp. For training, I was going to use treats along the way, but she won‘t step on the ramp and eats the treats from the sides. I‘m thinking of blocking the sides of the ramp with small tables or chairs and see if I can lead her up.

I think the key will be getting her on the ramp or figuring out how to use the ramp to move the dog box in and out of the car.

Thanks again for your suggestions....they help a lot!

Merrylegs 24.04.2019 17:42

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
Rookie also has arthritis, but manages to climb successfully using "stairs/steps" made from a cushion-type material. I bought them in Quality Pet for CHF30. It took a little while for Rookie to get accustomed to them, but now he uses them regularly.

meloncollie 24.04.2019 22:25

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
Another thought on ramp training:

First put the ramp flat on the floor, train Lily to walk across it flat. Take as much time as Lily wants/needs to get her used to the feel of the ramp on her feet, until she is happily walking across the ramp.

If you are using treat lures, be sure to give them straight on, rather than from the side, as from the side would cause her to turn her head, affecting her footing on the ramp. Better yet, place the treats along the ramp, spaced out about the distance of a foot step.

Use the ramp flat until she is comfortable crossing it that way.

Then put the ramp at a slight incline, ending on a very stable surface. Repeat as above when the ramp was flat, until Lily is comfortable with that slight incline.

Then put the ramp at a bit steeper incline, again ending on a very stable surface. Repeat until Lily is comfortable.

And so on, until you have reached the angle the ramp needs to be to get into the car.

At each step, you can do this with Lily on lead if that is easier for her.

Does Lily go happily into her crate? If so, the crate could be the 'goal' at the interim ramp incline stages. If getting her into the crate is a bit of a faff, leave that until she is going up the ramp into the car, then make going into the crate new, unrelated exercise.

Wishing you both happy travels... eventually. ;)

Guest 24.04.2019 23:21

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
Thank you meloncollie! I had thought to do it on the floor first, but I have it going to the sofa. Will try flat.

She‘s crate trained, although we‘ve not used her crate in the House for years. But she goes right in.

Guest 25.04.2019 07:31

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
We had the same problem with our old dog and he also didn't want to have anything to do with the ramp. In the end we put it in the doorway leading from the balcony to the lounge so it was much less effort for him to walk over it then to go around it. He happily sat outside on the balcony, we put the ramp down and then called him in with his favourite treats. Once we had him walking over it then we increased the angle. It didn't then take him too long at all to walk up it to get in the car

meloncollie 09.05.2019 13:12

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
Necessity being the mother of invention...

While my old lady Hooligan and I were out walking today my knee gave out - and there was no way I could lift Hooligan, who can no longer jump, into the car. What to do?

I had a plastic box in the car, the kind of thing you use to keep all the junk in order. The box is about half the height to the boot of the car.

Similar to this:

So I used the box turned upside down as a platform to get her into the car.

Hooligan can still do 'Vorderpfötli hoch', that is, put her front feet on a raised surface while her back feet remain on the ground. So with her front feet on the box, bearing a portion of her weight, I could then lift her back feet onto the box. (The handled Ruffwear harness helped.) While standing on the box, repeat to get her from the box into the car.

it's a lot easier when you only have to lift half the dog half way. :)

Which got me to thinking - there are even sturdier boxes available at most DIY stores in a variety of sizes, some foldable to store in less space. Cover the surface the dog stands on in a non-slip textured surface, maybe a rubber mat or carpet, and you have a fairly lightweight, double duty, inexpensive alternative to a ramp.

How is Miss Lily doing?

Guest 09.05.2019 16:19

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
Oh, that’s a great idea. Sorry about your knee! Might you be looking at a new knee? It sucks but is worth it.

So we took lily to the vet. We ended up putting her box on the ground. She went right in, we lifted it. As long as there are two of us.

So Lily’s got arthritis. But The vet suggested hills food with glucosamine and omega 3 but Lily’s not having any of that. She spits it on the floor. So I’m trying to give her glucoseamine and omega 3. She also has pain meds - metacam - which makes a huge difference.

Everything else seems ok... her legs are a bit weak but she seems so much better.

meloncollie 09.05.2019 18:30

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
I'm sorry to hear about the arthritis. Here's hoping Lily continues to enjoy herself for a long time to come with the help of the supplements and pain meds.

Might I ask where you get your glucosamine, and which brand?

The small vet-run company I've trusted for almost 30 years is gone, sold off to a faceless megacorp, and so I am looking for a new source of glucosamine based joint aid supplement. If you are happy with yours, would you mind sharing that info?

Give Lily a gentle cuddle from me...

Guest 10.05.2019 21:52

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
I‘ve been buying both my glucosamine and omega 3 from iherb.com.



I don‘t know how good these are, but they seem to help. She doesn‘t like the taste of either, so i hide them in their food.

She‘s jumping on the bed, running down the hall, so seems back to normal, a bit slower, though. Aren‘t we all?

roegner 31.05.2019 22:18

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
Saw on FB that someone in Zurich Sales has a dog ramp for sale. If anyone is still looking for that?

No idea if it is a good price though


meloncollie 28.08.2019 15:22

Re: Getting a dog (in dog box) in and out of car
Just in case you haven't yet found a solution, Edot...

As Hooligan and I were heading into the clinic yesterday, I saw another dog owner leading her elderly dog - a big goldie - up a set of foldable stairs. These looked very easy to use, both for the dog and owner.

I'm almost wobblier than Hooligan these days and lifting her in and out is not doing my knees any favors, so I made a beeline over to the other owner to ask about her stairs.


The lady was very happy with these. You can get them in three, four, or five step configurations, as needed. She said they are very stable and robust, fold up to a pretty small space, easy to install and most importantly use. She had a sort of SUV type car that sat a bit higher so had the five step version.

Peeking at the website, they are not cheap. But then, probably less expensive than a knee or back injury. Mine or Hooligan's.

I'm considering getting these. Available throughout Switzerland.

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