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meloncollie 09.08.2019 02:22

Update on the US FDA Report re: Diet and DCM
We've had a few discussions of the US FDA investigation into possible links between diet and increased incidence of DCM in dogs scattered over a couple of threads.

For instance the memo is mentioned in this thread, albeit a bit off topic:

And also in this one:

And probably a few others out there.

As this is a developing story, I thought it best to start an new thread specifically discussing this issue, we can then more easily add to it as more information comes out.


The FDA has posted an update, dated 27 June 2019, here:

A good discussion of the update can be found on the Skeptvet blog, here:

(Posts in the threads above contain links to earlier FDA statements.)

A brief re-cap, last year the FDA issued a memo drawing attention to an uptick in incidences of DCM; one inquiry is looking to see if links to diet might be made. An observation has been made that might suggest a correlation to legumes, pulses, and potatoes in a dog's diet. A possible link to those ingredients and blockage of Taurine production is an early hypothesis.

It needs to be said again that the FDA are reporting observations based on owner or veterinary reports - no controlled studies have been done.

And of course, correlation is not causation. The inquiry is still in the early stages. No conclusions have been drawn, no recommendations for change made. Yet.

This is, however, an issue that we dog owners should keep abreast of - and discuss with our own vets.

The various articles I've read have made me think about my dogs' diet and reevaluate some of the assumptions I had previously taken as gospel. I've tweaked the Muttley Crew diets, eliminating some things, but have not made major changes. Yet. Since the current diet had to date worked well for my guys, I am waiting for more definitive reports and discussions with my own vet before making significant changes.

But do take a peek at the Skeptvet blog update, the author has done a good job of summarizing the issue in layman's terms. And keep an eye out for further US FDA updates.



While the report is issued by a US agency, and the brands discussed are US brands, some of these are popular in Switzerland as well. Some European brands contain similar mixes of ingredients as the US brands. Again, the DCM/diet possible link is not brand specific, nor even BEG (boutique, exotic, grain-free) specific but rather what is being studied is the various ingredients that might (repeat might: no definitive findings have been made) play a role.

AFAIK, there isn't a similar Swiss/European study being done, but that does not mean the topic is not relevant here. The US, simply by the size of the market, often leads the way in such studies; my own vets are for now watching what information the US FDA puts out.

We dog owners simply need to keep aware as more information comes out, be aware of all the ingredients in your own dog's food, discuss your own dog's diet with your own vet. And make decisions from there.

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