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Samgum 19.08.2019 09:16

Zug Vet recommendations

My husband and I with our 3 pugs and 2 house cats are moving to canton Zug in a couple of weeks.
We are looking for vet recommendations please. One of our pugs has health issues relating to a spay that was done badly by our current English vet that we need to get rectified. She also has a few other health problems, possible seizures and requires immunotherapy. One of our cats is also managing kidney failure so I’d prefer a recommended vet if anyone can offer a little advice please.

Thanks so much,
Best wishes,

countrybumpkin 19.08.2019 09:34

Re: Zug Vet recommendations
Whilst living in Canton Zug I used Dr Rohdeweld, he speaks excellent English, does acupuncture if any of your pack need it. We really liked him as did our dogs, well they loved his treat jar.


MC, our resident dog expert uses a great clinic in Hunenberg, we have been there in an emergency too, very kind and professional team. If we were not already happy with Dr Rohdeweld we would have gone there.


Good luck with the move.

runningdeer 19.08.2019 09:54

Re: Zug Vet recommendations
Have you had a look through the vet recommendation thread?


Traubert 19.08.2019 09:56

Re: Zug Vet recommendations
Ennetsee are amazing. My cat, an oriental with severe kidney problems was saved a few times by them. They have a range of specialist vets. I can only recommend them.

Markarina 19.08.2019 10:27

Re: Zug Vet recommendations
Another recommendation for the Ennetsee clinic, they are also the out of hours vet, had they have everything onsite to treat your animal, they are also in the same building as the animal oncology centre should you ever need it.

meloncollie 19.08.2019 10:29

Re: Zug Vet recommendations
Another recommendation in the area, in Cham, would be MyVets:


Dr Yuri Béosier is an outstanding surgeon. I first met him at Ennetsee, where he did Haifisch's amputation. A few years ago he went into private practice with several colleagues.

I'm sorry to hear that your dog has a tendency to seizures; my girl has epilepsy so I fully understand what you live with, and the worries over anaesthesia.

With that in mind, anytime one of my high risk mutts needs surgery we call on a specialist in veterinary anaesthesia, Dr Peter Kronen. He works with several area practices, including My Vets. His website is here:


As you probably know, seizures can have a variety of causes, as well as be idiopathic - diagnosis often means ruling out the usual suspects. Epilepsy specifically is an elimination diagnosis.

My girl has also seen the Neurology team at the Tierspital (Uni Zürich, about 45 minutes from Zug), led by Dr Frank Steffen. (He also has a practice in Luzern, which might be closer to you.) During her last two emergency hospitalisations she was transferred from the clinic to the Tierspital, under the care of Dr Katrin Beckman and Dr Christian Günther.


With a dog with a suspected neurological condition you need to plan for emergencies. Fortunately, not far from you, the Ennetsee clinic is the area's 24/7/365 veterinary ER. Get to know them. Even if you choose another practice for your usual veterinary care, make a introductory appointment with Ennetsee. You want your dog's medical history on file - better to do that at your leisure rather than at 2 AM, in panic.

All the area practices and clinics work with the Tierspital as well. Access to expertise, resources, and co-ordination of care among vets is quite good here.

We are blessed in this area of Switzerland - there are several excellent clinics, many top specialists, and one of Europe's premier teaching and research hospitals within reach. Switzerland punches well above it's weight when it comes to cutting edge veterinary care.

By the way, all the doctors I have mentioned here are willing to consult in English, as are many vets throughout the region. Not all clinic staff will be comfortable in English, though. So if you are not yet functional in German, do practice the 2AM 'Drigende Notfall!' telephone conversation, in order to get through the gatekeepers to get your pet the emergency help needed.

Wishing you and your four footers all the very best.

NickGB 19.08.2019 11:20

Re: Zug Vet recommendations

Originally Posted by countrybumpkin (Post 3092510)
Whilst living in Canton Zug I used Dr Rohdeweld, he speaks excellent English, does acupuncture if any of your pack need it. We really liked him as did our dogs, well they loved his treat jar

I second this. We too have a pug. We have lived in Zug for 8 years and have always used him. He's fantastic. He is in Oberwil, FYI.

Markarina 19.08.2019 12:05

Re: Zug Vet recommendations
I missed the part where you asked for a specific vet recommendation, again at the Ennetsee clinic I would highly recommend Dr Jessica Smith she speaks excellent English and was always on the right side of when to treat/not to treat when to do extra tests/when not, you were always given the information to make a good decision.

Traubert 19.08.2019 12:22

Re: Zug Vet recommendations
I have never had a language issue either. I’ve dealt with all manner of specialists there, teeth, bones, kidneys, spines you name it. My little guys have been through the wars. Ennetsee have always been sensible, sensitive and trustworthy. I’ve never felt pushed into further treatment and have in fact been told on one occasion, we could do this or we could do that but to be honest it wouldn’t be to for the benefit of the animal. Take your kitty home and let him enjoy the rest of his life in peace.

They really have some outstanding, empathetic and pragmatic vets. If I encounter a pushy, experimental vet, they’re sacked.

Tom1234 19.08.2019 12:49

Re: Zug Vet recommendations
Another recommendation for the Ennetsee clinic here.

Kittster 19.08.2019 21:00

Re: Zug Vet recommendations
My sister used to work as a veterinary nurse and always spoke highly of the clinic in Hünenberg. Friends have used them too and they rate them highly.

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