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lbz 05.03.2020 16:05

Is SKN mandatory or not?

I am confused by the information available here and on the Internet.
Are there any mandatory courses for dog owners in 2020 or not?

I'm relocating to Switzerland in April with my dog which I'm owner of for 2 years.
In case that matters we will live in canton of Aargau for the first 1-2 months and later will try to relocate to Zurich or Zug.

Thanks in advance!

Medea Fleecestealer 05.03.2020 16:13

Re: Is SKN mandatory or not?
No, not at Federal level. You'd need to check if there are any requirements in the cantons you plan to live in. Zurich for example iirc requires training if you have a dog over a certain height/weight. Also it may depend on what breed of dog you have. Some breeds and mixes of those breeds are banned here.

CherryTree2014 07.05.2020 08:20

Re: Is SKN mandatory or not?
Your dog is older than 2 years, but we don't know the breed/size.

So, when moving to canton of Zurich, and your pooch belongs to breed type I (bigger than 45 cm or heavier than 16 kg) you need to visit the "Erziehungskurs".

When you are lucky, your municipality will be satisfied with 10 sessions, worst caste would be 20.

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