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fold 10.07.2020 19:31

Buying a puppy from Germany
We have found a dog breeder and an available puppy in Germany and we would like to bring the puppy to Switzerland in August. At this point the puppy will be 9 weeks old and I am struggling to understand the rules that apply when bringing in such a young puppy.

We have done our research on the breeder, they are registered, the dog will be registered and has a full pedigree available, we have videos and pictures of the puppy and we will personally go and pick him up from the breeder where we can see his parents and siblings. I know it is easy to be scammed but at the moment I feel confident that this is a reputable breeder.

To bring him, I am following rules provided by BLV: https://www.blv.admin.ch/blv/de/home...frettchen.html

To my understanding the requirements are following:
- EU pet passport for the puppy
- microchipped
- I fill in the form as the new owner where I declare that the puppy has not been in contact with wild animals as he will be below 12 weeks old.

Then when coming into Switzerland we need to declare him at the border, get the passport stamped and pay VAT.

Once in Switzerland (Zurich) I register the puppy with my local gemeinde/security and will receive the AMICUS login details. This has to be done within 10 days of coming into the country.

Also in the first 10 days I need to go to the vet who will enter the information into AMICUS database.

Does this sound correct or is there anything else I should consider when bringing in the puppy?

Other points: our apartment allows dogs, I have informed the landlord and they are sending me an additional contract/document that I need to sign. I also have household and personal liability insurance, but I will check with the insurance company if I need to buy additional insurance to cover damages caused by a dog. We are with AXA, maybe someone has had experience with them?


Mélusine 10.07.2020 19:39

Re: Buying a puppy from Germany
I imported my two puppies from Portugal, and this is exactly what I did. The form attesting that the puppy hasn’t been in contact with a potentially rabid animal must be signed by a vet though.

fold 10.07.2020 19:47

Re: Buying a puppy from Germany
Great to hear! When did you inmport your puppy though?

BLV it states that "Young animals up to the age of 12 weeks may be imported into Switzerland without being vaccinated if they are accompanying their mother and are still dependent on her, or if they travel with a confirmation from the owner that they have not been in contact with wild animals since they were born."

So I wonder if this rule has changed recently and now its acceptable to have it signed by the owner?

Mélusine 10.07.2020 21:15

Re: Buying a puppy from Germany
It was four and ten years ago. But according to your link, it’s indeed true that a confirmation from the owner is enough. We chose to have it confirmed by a vet, but it looks like it’s not necessary.

That being said, our youngest dog flew to Switzerland with us, we had all the paper work in order, and nobody at customs bothered to check them!

kri 11.07.2020 15:07

Re: Buying a puppy from Germany
Exactly the process as you outlined!


AXA covers the dog damages too - been there/done that but ask just in case :)

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