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Brit 09.11.2020 21:47

Hello everyone!
I am desperately looking for this product in Switzerland and I haven't been able to find it. Does anyone know where I can find it? My boyfriend is having a severe allergic reaction to our new kitten and we've been told this could work for us.

blackbird 09.11.2020 22:21

Re: Vetriderm
Here you go:


Or on amazon.de (ship to konstanz for example)

newtoswitz 09.11.2020 22:36

Re: Vetriderm
Be aware that Miscota ship from Spain (or at least they did for the cat door I ordered). Service was fine, but the estimated delivery time was 50% too optimistic.

Medea Fleecestealer 09.11.2020 23:18

Re: Vetriderm
Better to see his doctor and get properly tested rather than just guess a product may or may not work if it's that severe.

Brit 10.11.2020 11:43

Re: Vetriderm
Thank you, everyone! Yes, we have an appointment with the allergist but we wanted to test this product as it was recommended by our veterinarian. :)

Axa 10.11.2020 11:57

Re: Vetriderm
Or go to any pharmacy. If he arrives with crying eyes and runny nose, pharmacists can sell a lot of stuff.

meloncollie 10.11.2020 12:00

Re: Vetriderm
Brit, this is not what you asked (when did that ever stop an EF discussion ;) ) but should the Vetriderm turn out not to do the trick, this new research by the Tierspital and Uni Zürich might be of interest to you:


Not planned to be introduced until 2022 - but something to discuss with your vet, and of course if you were to consider this route you'd want to discuss it at length (efficacy, safety, etc.) with the Tierspital researchers, as this is a totally new concept. You'd also want to discuss this with your allergist.

Anyway, just something I found on my way to looking up something else, so I thought I'd toss it out there. Due diligence required, of course.

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