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Re: Should I pay dogs import tax? Dog nanny help fly in! Help!

You've been give good advice from other posters - if someone other than you brings or ships the dog to Switzerland that person must follow commercial rules.

I want to emphasize the why, however, so that you understand how important this is:

From the BLV:

After being taken over the border, pets must not be sold or handed over to new keepers. They must already be in the care of their current keeper in the country of origin.
If this is not the case, the import conditions for imports for commercial purposes apply.


A good breeder should know how to import commercially.

FYI, there is no such thing as a 'dog nanny' when it comes to import regulations - you should use the proper term for the person bringing your dogs in whenever speaking to Officialdom. If that person is employed by the breeder or shipping company, and the dogs are being imported commercially, then he or she is the shipping agent.

Either you, yourself, import the dog, paying all the appropriate taxes, ensuring all the paperwork is done correctly, or if you leave the task to a third party it is a commercial importation. Who also must pay appropriate taxes and ensure documents are correct. If you are still confused, write the Veterinärant, detailing exactly who is doing what, for advice.

But please stop using the term 'dog nanny' - you are only muddying the waters by doing so. Use precise terms that clearly define who is doing what, and in which capacity.

Now - you can have a third party transport the dogs for you, as long as you yourself are the importer and owner, filling out all the correct paper work and paying all relevant taxes. But in all honesty, it's far easier to register as a commercial import if you, yourself, are not traveling with the dog.

If a third party imports a dog pretending to be the owner and then turns the dog over to another person, that is an offense. Be aware that the AMICUS system that traces dogs from birth to death would easily uncover import irregularities.


PLEASE do not try to get around regulations. Switzerland is cracking down on illegal imports, largely because people have tried to game the system - and even more important, because an increasing number of dodgy breeders and dodgy rescues, both simply fronts for abusive battery producers, are sending sick puppies to Switzerland, importing under false documents.


May I ask, is there a reason why you are not importing the dog yourself? Why not travel to where the pup are, make sure all is well with the pups, then travel back with them? It is so much simpler that way - and far better for the pups.


One thing that needs to be pointed out: Please check and double check the rabies documentation. Dogs who are imported without the vaccine or with falsified rabies records are seized at the border. Then there are three choices - you either send the pups back to the country of origin, at your expense, you put the puppies into quarantine for IIRC 120 days, at the cost of 8K per puppy (and immense psychological harm, which would be difficult for a young puppy to overcome), or the puppies are euthanized. Switzerland has ordered many puppies killed due to illegal importation.

To avoid this awful fate, if you have any doubts then well in advance of travel ask the breeder for a copy of the rabies certificate and the rabies and identification pages of each pups' passports, then take the copies to your vet for verification that the rabies certificate is legitimate.


Also, because it's on my mind due to a tragedy I learned of today - have you verified that your pups will be transported in conditions appropriate for this heat?
(Six puppies died during transport to Germany due to heat. Inexcusable.)

Not to sound OTT, but these are things you need to double-check when you are not bringing the puppies in yourself.

Hope all goes well with the pups' journey.

(And once here, don't forget registration with AMICUS within the first 10 days, which will need to be done by your vet, and registration with your Gemeinde, and make sure you meet cantonal liability insurance requirements. Yes, there is more bureaucracy to dog ownership in Switzerland than one might find elsewhere, something we dog owners simply need to accept and comply with.)

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