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Graham S 23.06.2021 20:56

Pet Travel from UK

Please move / delete this if it is not relevant here.

We own a holiday apparent in Switzerland and have two dogs one has a UK passport and one has a Romanian passport. We have not travel since the new brexit rules have kicked in due to the covid restrictions.

From what we can tell if you are traveling into the EU from the UK a valid EU Pet Passport is fine otherwise you need an animal health certificate. If we had a Swiss Pet Passport would that work the same an an EU one? Has anyone already traveled like this?

Would it be possible to get our dogs Swiss Pet Passports? We are happy to register them in Switzerland and pay any taxes as in the long run this will be cheaper than us constantly getting animal health certificates as we usually all travel about 5 times a year. That would be 1000 per year in vet fees for them in the UK.

Any help would be appreciated.

Island Monkey 23.06.2021 22:13

Re: Pet Travel from UK
I know Swiss residents have had difficultly switching their old U.K. pet passports for Swiss ones - probably even harder if youre not resident. Id try a vet in Calais. When we had issues with our pet passport having an error at the channel tunnel, the vet in Calais issued us a French one without batting an eyelid.

Graham S 24.06.2021 21:32

Re: Pet Travel from UK
We have been using the same vet for about 13 years even though ugh we are not resident. Hopefully they can be of assistance.

Just need to know if anyone has managed to travel from the UK to France with a Swiss passport now since the new rules came into effect.

Island Monkey 24.06.2021 21:41

Re: Pet Travel from UK
I've not done it yet due covid restrictions, but the Channel Tunnel informed me that a Swiss PP is equal to an EU PP for entry requirements - so travel is the same as before Brexit.

Graham S 24.06.2021 21:56

Re: Pet Travel from UK
Thanks what I like to hear. Fingers crossed we can get them registered for Swiss passports so we don't have to pay for the animal health certificate each time.

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