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ilani 21.04.2010 21:56

Helping cats/dogs
Hiya all,
I am new comer in Zurich and looking to volunteer in a pet clinic (or any other kind of institute which provides help to dogs/cats).
I donít speak German, so I would appreciate any suggestions

Guest 21.04.2010 22:08

Re: Helping cats/dogs
I think the fact that you do not speak German might lower your chances but I guess the first thing to do is call and see if they can do with your help.

prof. taratonga 22.04.2010 00:22

Re: Helping cats/dogs
I agree with Angela about the Language Issue. Just think about helping in your country without having proper language skills.

The only information in English is available here:


Just try to get in touch with these people. Maybe they can help you.

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