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  16. IT jobs (Databases)  (17)  1.Aug.2017
  17. Should I Risk it all and move to Lausanne from the USA?  (49)  19.Jun.2017
  18. Which job sites are most effective for getting one in IT/web development category?  (11)  19.Jan.2017
  19. Looking for IT Job // No EU Citizen  (6)  3.Jan.2017
  20. How hard is it to find "a" job in Zurich?  (12)  27.Oct.2016
  21. what does it take to get a job post PhD  (23)  13.Sep.2016
  22. Help with an adequate hourly rate for an IT freelance job  (10)  17.Aug.2016
  23. Is it common for Prpgrammers to do freelance jobs?  (4)  28.Jul.2016
  24. Permanent IT Job - Difficult to find Job after ten months of Job Search  (107)  25.Jun.2016
  25. Finding a IT job in Switzerland  (19)  28.May.2016
  26. Cities in Swiss where more IT jobs are available  (28)  25.Mar.2016
  27. Job Reference - how to interpret it?  (24)  27.Feb.2016
  28. Best site for IT jobs  (5)  2.Feb.2016
  29. IT job hunting in Zurich- any tips?  (8)  27.Jan.2016
  30. IT jobs in Geneva  (7)  26.Jan.2016
  31. What does it take to find job in Lausanne, Switzerland?  (14)  2.Jan.2016
  32. Finding a job in IT and getting settled  (15)  18.Dec.2015
  33. if it‘s worth it if i find a job  (4)  3.Aug.2015
  34. IT Job & intelectual property. HEEELP!  (6)  14.Jun.2015
  35. Renting without a [job] contract yet, is it possible?  (21)  2.Feb.2015
  36. Bachelor Degree on IT - is it a must?  (11)  9.Jan.2015
  37. Die PC Klinik-Reliable IT support in Basel at competitive prices  (10)  7.Dec.2014
  38. Any non-EU success story in IT?  (11)  18.Nov.2014
  39. IT jobs in Middle East  (1)  9.Nov.2014
  40. is it hard to find a job in Switzerland for me?  (14)  6.Nov.2014
  41. is it this job scam?  (12)  4.Nov.2014
  42. IT job for L permit holder women  (9)  10.Oct.2014
  43. Groupon takes it to a new level ... boob jobs (NSFW)  (36)  21.Jun.2014
  44. IT support jobs  (20)  1.Jun.2014
  45. Total compensation in IT  (29)  31.May.2014
  46. IT ( Testing) jobs in Zurich  (6)  28.May.2014
  47. Looking for a job and finding it soooo hard  (16)  1.Apr.2014
  48. Should I look for IT job from outside Swiss? Where to start?  (23)  11.Feb.2014
  49. Part Time Job, how to find it in Zurich?  (7)  8.Feb.2014
  50. Job offer of 130.000 CHF per year. Family of 3. Is it ok?  (36)  5.Feb.2014
  51. Possible Part-Time Jobs in Ticino, is it available?  (4)  12.Jan.2014
  52. IT Jobs (Data Warehousing) in Zurich  (5)  10.Jan.2014
  53. IT job for english spoken woman  (2)  10.Dec.2013
  54. IT Systems Analyst/Help Desk Jobs  (8)  8.Aug.2013
  55. Cover letter and IT jobs  (40)  17.Jul.2013
  56. IT guy from London looking for a job in Switzerland  (26)  19.May.2013
  57. Non EU change job approved by OCIRT, does it mean that I got it?  (1)  4.Apr.2013
  58. Is it possible to apply for residence permit L without any job offer?  (12)  24.Feb.2013
  59. IT Jobs in Ticino  (3)  13.Feb.2013
  60. Work permit B, Is it enough a job contract?  (6)  12.Feb.2013
  61. How long has it taken you to find a job?  (26)  8.Feb.2013
  62. Job Hunting from Abroad - Is it worth the try?  (24)  4.Feb.2013
  63. IT help!!!  (72)  30.Jan.2013
  64. Possible to get an IT Network Administrator job without knowing any German Lang?  (7)  24.Jan.2013
  65. IT Job boards for Switzerland?  (11)  14.Jan.2013
  66. New IT jobs in Basel !  (1)  14.Jan.2013
  67. IT Trainer Job - DWH Technologies  (2)  7.Jan.2013
  68. Finance jobs in Berne or close to it?  (2)  21.Nov.2012
  69. Recommended IT agencies for contracting job?  (7)  10.Nov.2012
  70. UBS said to be planning 2000 IT job cuts  (32)  29.Oct.2012
  71. Does it make sense to apply for a job you cannot go?  (6)  26.Oct.2012
  72. I am 24 and been offered a job to move over to Zurich, what's it like ?  (44)  8.Oct.2012
  73. Job offer in Geneva...US Citizen. Worth it?  (6)  3.Oct.2012
  74. How difficult is it to get a Job in Switzerland without knowing French or German?  (6)  1.Oct.2012
  75. IT job market in Switzerland  (1)  26.Sep.2012
  76. IT admin jobs in swiss Romande  (4)  17.Aug.2012
  77. My experience finding an IT job in Switzerland  (31)  8.Aug.2012
  78. Job offer in Lucarne - is it right for me?  (15)  21.Jul.2012
  79. IT Job in Zurich  (12)  4.Jul.2012
  80. Moving to Switzerland in the next months, need IT Support job and flat in Züric  (3)  2.Jun.2012
  81. UBIS - Industry specific programs: Did it help?  (1)  29.May.2012
  82. A 23 y.o. and the IT sector in Switzerland  (8)  25.Feb.2012
  83. How and where to search for a job in the IT (Testing) area...  (13)  25.Jan.2012
  84. IT jobs Ticino  (2)  25.Dec.2011
  85. Junior IT jobs  (3)  7.Dec.2011
  86. Finance and IT job market  (8)  24.Nov.2011
  87. IT Jobs in Swiss Banks  (19)  2.Nov.2011
  88. IT Jobs at UBS being offshored?  (39)  22.Jul.2011
  89. IT Agencies for English jobs  (17)  2.Apr.2011
  90. Need a website information for IT jobs in Switzerland  (6)  28.Mar.2011
  91. Job sites for Europe or International for IT sector?  (2)  25.Mar.2011
  92. Is it easy to find a job in banking?  (7)  6.Dec.2010
  93. Job Search (IT)  (19)  4.Nov.2010
  94. Job search visa after it possible?  (4)  18.Sep.2010
  95. What's the ratio of IT jobs in Zurich vs Geneva?  (2)  22.Apr.2010
  96. Economy, jobs - where will it all go from here?  (17)  1.Mar.2010
  97. Just got a job offer! It is possible!  (20)  16.Feb.2010
  98. Referral Letter: What should it contain?  (7)  1.Feb.2010
  99. IT Jobs - Assistance please  (10)  15.Jan.2010
  100. Job opportunities in IT for non-german speaking ETH graduates?  (9)  2.Nov.2009