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Zurich Saturday Drinks - 8th January, 8pm onwards...
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The Scotsman
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
City/Town: Zurich
Event Type: Drinks/Bar
Meeting Point: Toto Bar & Rest, 124 Seefeldstrasse 8008

If you are looking to expand your social circle and make the most out of living in Zurich then you should come and join us. We meet regularly to share a few drinks, have a chat and have a good time. This group is about meeting new and interesting people in an informal and friendly environment - away from the crowds. Come on your own, with friends or with a 'significant other' - its up to you - but you will always be made to feel welcome!

We normally congregate on the left as you enter Toto. If you are new please come early as this represents the best opportunity to meet people as it gets very busy as the night progresses and we normally end up taking over the whole Bar!

I normally look our for new people that have RSVP'd to help them get quickly introduced to people already there, as this helps ensure that no-one is left on their own. If you do not see me when you arrive please just ask any of the Bar staff to point me out.

You will have great fun at this event and will also meet lots of interesting and amazing people from all over the world!

Until Saturday!......

RSVP'd Yes: 34 (15 members and 19 guests)
  • The Scotsman + 15 guests
  • Bella_2010 + 1 guest - It will be my first time join such social event...I am very much looking forward to ...
  • Devans - Im brand new too, only been in Zurich a few weeks so will be good to meet an English speaking crowd.
  • Country_Mouse
  • ljc2908 - another newbie.. see you all there!
  • rjp + 1 guest - My better half and I will be there. Just arrived in Zurich on 4 Jan, don't know anyone and don't speak German yet. It'll be great to meet people.
  • ThomasSSS
  • Phaedrus - Just got here & first time out in Zurich - will be good to meet some fellow 'foreigners' :-)
  • ninja2101 + 1 guest - Looking forward to it!
  • suemck2 - new in country looking forward to meeting some people
  • LPA1975 - Just getting established in Zurich. Will be great to start making some friends. See you all tomorrow.
  • spaceman - yet another newbie... sounds great, looking forward to it!
  • Jayne83 + 1 guest - Also just arrived in Zurich. See you tomorrow.
  • KarlN
  • zurichzoro - ran out of idea what to do tonight :-)
RSVP'd Maybe: 18 (14 members and 4 guests)
  • ximix
  • Treverus - quite likely.
  • eng_ch - Enjoyed NYE v much, but might be in the mountains. I'll pitch up if I'm around as I won't be able to make any more this month
  • tmatthews - new to zurich, i'll be flying solo, so it'll be good to meet some new people.
  • araqyl - Have to get back into the EF drinks scene ... have been out of it for a while!
  • Wollishofener
  • 70sKitch - Hope to make it.
  • jack-o-bean - probably...
  • LIndaLu + 1 guest
  • Vicky7 + 1 guest - I'm a newbie and hope to make it to meet some fellow English speakers and share a few bevvies! Depends on what time I get back from the mountains....
  • Mirnik + 1 guest - First time in Zurich prior to move over in Feb. Short portly balding bloke with machine gun English and far too many stories! That'll be me then!
  • Davidluis + 1 guest - Never been out in Zurich, just moved to Zug this week. Meeting a friend from Stuttgart in Zurich tomorrow. Might see us there
  • aonsceal
  • alyosha - Not exactly new in Zürich, but never participated in any of these events, so let's see what it's like :)
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