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Suzele 26.06.2011 17:10

Thank Goodness It's Friday in Basel!
Hi EFers,

TGIF is going 80s/90s dancing this Friday July 1st at the +27 Night at the Singerhaus, but they don't get started until around 10pm, so....

Meet us at Atlantis around 8pm for a few drinks and then we'll head over to Singerhaus at 10pm!

Remember to look for the TGIF flower to find us at Atlantis...

You can sign up to receive email updates about where we are going and what we are doing here! Or go to our FB page to see photos of me, the TGIF flower and us at different locations around Basel!

TGIF is a Centrepoint event that is open to anyone and everyone who can understand English. If you'd like to know more about Centrepoint...

Hope to see you there!

Suzele 06.07.2011 18:07

Re: Thank Goodness It's Friday in Basel!
Ooops sorry didn't get your message in time Brucefan...Atlantis is not far from Tibbits, basically going towards the Radisson Blu and then up the little street towards Aeschenplatz...but we will go again sometime!

Hope you can come!

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