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Suzele 04.08.2011 01:30

Thank Goodness It's Friday in Basel!
Hi EFers,

TGIF is meeting at Acqua this Friday August 5th starting around 6:30pm! Come join us and if it's your first time...remember to look for the TGIF flower in a vase on our table.

You can find photos of the TGIF flower and me at our FB page here...

Sign up for our weekly email here to find out where we are going (when I forget to post it elsewhere like last week :msnblush:)

TGIF is a Centrepoint event open to anyone and everyone who wants to get together and speak English and have a drink or two on a Friday night. Sometimes we even stay out late and go dancing :msnshock:

Hope to see you there sometime!

Suzele 04.08.2011 01:34

Re: Thank Goodness It's Friday in Basel!
I forgot something...here is a map of how to get there!

And did I forget to mention that the last time we were there, the bartenders at Acqua were quite attractive so the scenery is nice :msntongue: if nothing else!!

If the weather is good, we'll be outside somewhere and if it's not, we'll be inside. Acqua is a really great place to meet afterwork in any case. Beautiful both inside and out and with good food if you're hungry...

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