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Sutter 11.01.2008 17:39

American breakfast
Would anybody be interested in having an american breakfast in st.gallen on a sunday morning its eat all you can and drink as much as you want just curious to see what you all think before i post a date. Cheers

KeinFranzösisch 28.05.2011 07:32

Re: American breakfast
this is the only place to post this:

I am totally craving eggs, bacon, pancakes, syrup, butter, home fries, biscuits, gravy... WHERE'S THE NEAREST DENNY'S?!?!

nasir7041 28.05.2011 10:11

Re: American breakfast
I lice in St Gallen and will be up for it

lost_inbroad 28.05.2011 10:25

Re: American breakfast

i-b-deborah 28.05.2011 10:29

Re: American breakfast
Old thread boys.

Not you Nofrench, and I don't know what Denny's is or where you may find one.

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