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lozzle22 12.04.2014 18:16

Jazz Band in Basel?
Hi All,

Have done a search and couldn't find anything on this...

My husband and I have just moved to Basel, I play alto sax and he plays tenor, and we would really like to join a local jazz/big band if there is that kind of thing around here. We are both amateurs but OK I think!

It's difficult to find things on Google as neither of us speak German yet.

If anyone knows of any groups/music groups to join around the Basel area that would be great

Thanks :)

hannah'sauntie 12.04.2014 18:31

Re: Jazz Band in Basel?
I don't know of any personally, but this link may (or may not :o) be helpful..


adrianlondon 12.04.2014 18:38

Re: Jazz Band in Basel?
Coincidentally, the Basel Jazz festival has started.


Sir_Hilary_Bray 13.04.2014 23:11

Re: Jazz Band in Basel?
There is a free jazz jam session every Monday evening at the Parterre (Kaserne) where everybody can join in. It is quite popular

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