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Guest 20.11.2006 11:17

Lausanne Drinks night Wednesday 22.11.06
After receiving a few PMs and some more responses to the poll, it looks like our drinks night will be a go for this Wednesday! (Yay!) :wave:


Date: Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006
Place: La Pinte Besson, Rue de l'Ale 4 (map)
Time: 8 pm onwards (because it's a work night, I won't keep you out too late!)

Getting there: The pub is one block away from Bel Air, the major bus stop in the town centre. Buses 1,2,4,5,6,7,8, and 9. the 1,3, and 5 buses make stops at the Gare Centrale, for those coming from out of town. Go up Mauborget one block, and it's the very old looking Tavern on the corner of Rue de l'Ale.

Finding me: to make this as easy as possible, I'll bring along my little moose friend who makes an appearance in my avatar. His name is Gordon, and he'll be sitting on my table. :)

Looking forward to seeing you all there!! :cheers:


Number 10 20.11.2006 17:20

Re: Lausanne Drinks night Wednesday 22.11.06
There's a chance I may get try and get along too. Depends on how things go at work on Wednesday and how early i can get away etc.. But i'd certainly like to make an appearance.... Will confirm later..

Guest 23.11.2006 10:21

Re: Lausanne Drinks night Wednesday 22.11.06
Well that's the last time I try that. Despite my personal messaging campaign to let EF users in the Lausanne area know about it, and a poll to find out which night would be best, and an annoucement in the social events section, in the end precisely nobody came.


Number 10 23.11.2006 10:34

Re: Lausanne Drinks night Wednesday 22.11.06
I'm sorry girl. I did message you last night... I was still at the office pretty late so it really wasn't going to be feasible for me to come out to Lausanne in the end.. Sorry, i'll be very keen on coming to Lausanne sooner rather than later though - IF there's a next time :msnsad:

Water Baby 24.11.2006 17:34

Re: Lausanne Drinks night Wednesday 22.11.06
Sorry Heather. I haven't been checking the forum very often and just check it now (Friday) assuming the meeting would be tonight. I was wrong. I would have brought 2 others. Oh well. Sorry to hear that there was a very poor turn out. I'm surprised.:msnshock:


Guest 24.11.2006 18:18

Re: Lausanne Drinks night Wednesday 22.11.06
Hmm. Maybe I'll give this one more try in December. Sound like a plan?


Diem 27.11.2006 17:04

Re: Lausanne Drinks night Wednesday 22.11.06
Hi Heather,

Sorry to hear that you had a rather low turnout. I suggest giving more notice in future and you should send PM's or emails to likely suspects to peer pressure them into definitely coming along. Once you get some momentum going, it'll get easier in the future.


Guest 27.11.2006 17:17

Re: Lausanne Drinks night Wednesday 22.11.06
Hi Diem,

Prior to posting the poll online I did do a personal messaging campaign to all the users I found in the Lausanne area that had been active in the past few months (which was 15 or so). Received quite a few replies (all positive), received a few more replies in the poll, and said I'd make an announcement on the Monday. I didn't hear boo from anybody afterwards.

I think I'll try once more on a Friday in December (possibly the 15th), but haven't yet found a venue that would be appropriate. Friday evenings are very busy at every place I've been to, and it kind of defeats the purpose of having a social night if you're squished like a sardine and have to yell to be heard...

Ella 27.11.2006 17:47

Re: Lausanne Drinks night Wednesday 22.11.06
Hey Heather

Sorry i missed the drink last time.
I was wondering that maybe we could try something else. Did u heard of the free ice skating from 1st Dec @ Flon? we can do it together and have a drink afterwards, it sounds really fun. Of course that depends on how many people will be interested...

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