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sygirl101 09.01.2011 16:10

Ice Skate Sharpening? [Zurich]
I noticed the last time I was out on the ice, my skates need a good sharpen, and I've searched around a bit, but haven't anything really on where is a good spot to get them sharpened in the Zurich area.

I haven't gone to the rinks here, only some frozen lakes (Ones where this is allowed. I'm not dumb enough to go on unsafe ones). Do the rinks have good sharpeners? I'm a bit wary of that as well, as I've had some truly horrible sharpening at rinkside shops.

So, if anyone knows a reasonable place to have skates sharpened, I'd appreciate that.

FinnMom 09.01.2011 16:32

Re: Ice Skate Sharpening? [Zurich]
Skatesharpening is around 10 chf.

In Oerlikon, you can sharpen your skates here:

In Kloten and in Embrach, you can sharpen in Ochsner Pro Shop.

There must be other places, but I've been to these ones.

Verbier 09.01.2011 16:46

Re: Ice Skate Sharpening? [Zurich]
I bought some skates yesterday at an Athleticum in VS and had them sharpened. They were using an automatic machine. The skates were very sharp.

You might want to check Athleticum in the Zurich area.

Here is the link to the store locations:


TiMow 09.01.2011 16:58

Re: Ice Skate Sharpening? [Zurich]
I would think that most sports shops that have skates for sale would be able to offer service/sharpening, much in the same way they offer ski service.

Chemmie 10.01.2011 10:40

Re: Ice Skate Sharpening? [Zurich]
All the rinks will have sharpeners.

I was told to go to Oerlikon though for a professional job---when I was actually playing hockey.

My orginal job was done at Migro Sport, but I assume even Landesmuseum will have a sharpener if they are renting out skates.

Guest 09.01.2012 00:13

Re: Ice Skate Sharpening? [Zurich]
Does anyone know if one of the above places perform it while you wait? say in about 30 minutes?

DJHannibal 09.01.2012 00:29

Re: Ice Skate Sharpening? [Zurich]
Ochsner Pro Shop are the best in the German part of CH, no comparison. They will sharpen while you wait and it is much better and cheaper than anywhere else!!! DO NOT use Athleticum, they ruined my pair (luckily due to be changed anyway).

In the French part, Chip Sport is the best shop for sharpening.

Both of these chains operate with partnerships of the official amateur leages in Switzerland.

Source: playing icehockey in CH for 4 years now (Lausanne/Basel).

shifstar 03.09.2012 11:21

Re: Ice Skate Sharpening? [Zurich]
HI, saw your thread and wondered if anyone knows about sharpening skates in or near Geneva?

Many thanks


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