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Re: How to speed up recovery after exercise?

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But the affect of stress-reducing endorphins aren't felt until you've been exercising for more than forty minutes and that's something I do notice and is a positive benefit of exercise.
This I am not sure (maybe our resident expert will chip in shortly with some scientific references to correct me), but before meeting EF, my exercise regime was very short, like walk 20 mins and run back home vigorously, maybe 10 mins max, I still used to enjoy endorphins as much as I do now. And I used to crave for it if I missed doing that or some other workout...In contrast, after running 2 hours or cycling 6 hours as I progressed, I would be so run down and not really feel "high".

And BTW what's all this talk about 30-50 being middle-age I thought this is the golden period when you are young enough to play and rich enough to afford it.
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Re: How to speed up recovery after exercise?

This is what I used to do:
1. Get into good habits/routines
2. Mix up my exercise routine so that I am not overusing certain muscle groups.
3. Don't eat too much 1 hour before or after except for perhaps your own made up small vitamin soy milk shake.
4. Stretch before, nice hot shower ( if you don't pass out) and stretch after. Preferably massage and stretch with your favourite exercise partner
5. Use the massage stick for backs of thighs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fyY069PRj8
6. Drink an isotonic drink during exercise.

1. Don't exercise for days then push myself to try to keep up with hubby.
2. Eat loads beforehand because I know I'll get hungry. Then get sick
3. Don't stretch. Don't mix up the exercise.
4. Forget safety gear.
5 Drink something nice, fizzy fruity.
6. Get injuries and break gear.
7. Moan about pains.
8. Take loads of ibuprofen before and after.
9 Repeatedly do the same exercise that exacerbates the injury.
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Re: How to speed up recovery after exercise?

I have a natural bath 'Just muskelbad' which is a Swiss product. I have the bath fairly warm and just soak for 20 minutes. Taking up running seems to really cause lots of aches and stiffness in my legs and this helps a lot.

Now having just turned 50 you notice your body is a lot slower to recover. Someone mentioned to look at compression clothing to aid recovery, for example skins http://www.skins.net/index.aspx anyone have experience of these?
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Re: How to speed up recovery after exercise?

My teammates and I used to wear Skins for the week leading up to big Swim competitions, and opinions were pretty much evenly divided on whether they helped or not. I personally felt that they kept you feeling fresh, but it could easily have been a purely psychological effect. Also, with the kind of temp. we are experiencing at the moment, I probably wouldn't recommend skins - those things are cosy to say the least!

To give my opinion on Protein shakes/supplements in general, i can definitely concur that creatine/protein/V&M supplements are not going to be as effective compared to those sourced from fresh food.


No matter what the amazing nutritional benefits of smoked salmon are post workout, I doubt it will be all that edible after sitting in your 30 degrees C gym bag all day at work! Plus a tub of protein powder won't stink out your bag if it leaks, and if you don't use it then no worries, it will always be there for tomorrow!

Protein shakes are also perfect for people on calorie-restricted diets who are trying to gain/hold muscle mass - all of the protein, none of the carbs and fat! Sure, this might not be healthy as a long term diet plan, but for a month or two can be very effective.

And most importantly (but also most overlooked IMO), a protein shake is a great way of boosting your confidence and satisfaction with your training... after a big 'manly workout session' pumping iron, a 'muscle-maximising' protein shake could give you a massive boost, even if it is a purely psychological, placebo-type effect!

Somehow, the image of a hulking, tanktop clad, alpha male slurping down a chocolate milk just doesn't cut it in comparison
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