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dmb77 07.01.2014 17:59

Winter hiking partner/s
Hi all,
I am new to the Forum. Just recently moved to Zurich from the US. I am looking for people to go snow/ice hiking/climbing this winter. Nothing like climbing the Mont Blanc but not a walk in the park either. If you are interested shoot me a line and we could discuss some places to go to. I haven't been much in the Alps so almost anything is new to me.

michail 02.06.2014 15:46

Re: Winter hiking partner/s
hi there

winter is far over in the valleys, but only now have I seen your post! I'm up in the Alps quite regularly and I am also looking for someone to go with. I have been experience on routes up to T4 level, but not so much in climbing (learning slowly, but definitely not a pro-climber;) definitely eager to learn something new and push the limits a bit further
let me know if you're still around

RetiredInNH 02.06.2014 15:49

Re: Winter hiking partner/s

Originally Posted by michail (Post 2168412)
... let me know if you're still around

His/her only two posts were in January, so I would not hold my breath ;)

michail 04.06.2014 14:41

Re: Winter hiking partner/s
no worries, I know many people don't stay too long in Switzerland
anyway I am happy to meet someone with a bit of Alpine experience:)

dmb77 04.06.2014 15:18

Re: Winter hiking partner/s
Hi Michail,
I'm still around :)
I am not a rock climber myself (I haven't climbed in over 10 years) but I've done some ice climbing a couple of years ago. I think for know I would like to just hike around and get to know the Alps.
From what I understand T4 is demanding but doesn't require climbing so that would be quite fine for me as well.
Any plans for the weekend of June 21-22?


michail 12.06.2014 10:36

Re: Winter hiking partner/s
hey Dario!
what a news=) I've send you a PM

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